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How to know if Ferroseed has hidden ability value? (Archived)Nanis2366/28 1:54PM
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What do you guys think of my M-Sceptile stat spread? (Archived)GangstaLizard9566/28 1:43PM
Forgive me, GTS, for I have sinned. (Archived)Ghetsis66/28 1:39PM
I have a question... (Archived)Brewster12386/28 1:20PM
Gts is ridiculous (Archived)BrianM199176/28 1:13PM
Short (less than 10 turns - I know you're too ADD for long ones) Ragequit videos (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz466/28 1:06PM
Another victory for Team Verlisify! (Archived)
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EdoSasuke236/28 12:56PM
Cinccino Filler (Archived)Sabeeeeh96/28 12:33PM
Hail Verlisify! (Archived)Jayroach256/28 12:14PM
Less than three million to go! (Archived)Owltheowl26/28 12:08PM
I beat a guy with Verlisify's sets an' convince him to watch Verlis for tips (Archived)
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CaptainZangoose816/28 11:55AM
Simple yet cool (Archived)Holy_Oblivion46/28 11:45AM
What do you think of my female team? (Archived)
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SkylaIsMyWife216/28 11:39AM
How I think they should (have) handled getting mega-evolution stones. (Archived)
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TrustyPeaches166/28 11:37AM
look what someone made, mega sudowoodo (Archived)
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paipr136/28 11:17AM
Why do all the scrubs believe milotic's mega should be Water/Dragon? (Archived)
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TheGoodRoman336/28 11:12AM
Safari Kakuna and Cascoon Abilities (Archived)Chaos Genesis36/28 10:50AM