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Heal Bell or Aromatherapy? (Archived)Mr_Popel66/27 9:07AM
So, say you took 600+ eggs to hatch a shiny Froakie (Archived)
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Reptobismol186/27 8:59AM
Best teams for Battle Maison Super Doubles, Super Triples, Super Rotation? (Archived)lusofuso96/27 8:54AM
Oh my gosh the rain will NOT go away! (Archived)
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NOM316/27 8:48AM
What Pokemon does the Random Number Goddess remind you of? (Archived)ItsDat1Zangoose96/27 8:41AM
Post a random battle video (Archived)
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1HPclutch366/27 8:40AM
What are you competetive Pokemon Choices (Archived)OWakes96/27 8:32AM
X Attack and Choice Band (Archived)Renjiro746/27 8:20AM
Is it only stall/baton pass teams as you climb the ladder? (Archived)
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MegaRyan316/27 8:12AM
Friend Code Trouble (Archived)FlameFx16/27 8:08AM
Why doesn't Miltank have an evolution called Legendairy? (Archived)
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LancetJades366/27 8:07AM
I just noticed the streaks in male Pyroar's mane forms the character for fire (Archived)wolf rider26/27 7:49AM
Working on a team need help. (Archived)BrianM199136/27 7:31AM
GTS chansey makes people ragequit (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob66/27 7:20AM
Battle of the Legends (Archived)RedRaven_106/27 6:57AM
whats that high pitch tweeting sound in online pss mode (Archived)CubeTheLwNoob36/27 6:47AM
how to EV train Gooey Goodra & Super Luck Absol (Archived)
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ozmir22176/27 6:46AM
I have a question.. (Archived)sammyboy937826/27 6:36AM
YR: GameFreak makes Missingno legit (Archived)
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DeathParade87166/27 6:31AM
Shaymin? (Archived)G-aza26/27 6:30AM