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Best Grass Starter? (Poll)
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DeadGhostFire156/28 3:15PM
"Pokemon used Knock Off!" "The Pokemon Knock Off Slyveons Armor Fossil!" (Archived)Jayroach226/28 3:11PM
Evolving scyther (Archived)tjseeberger36/28 3:07PM
Question for anyone whose a fan of fairy tail (Archived)DarthUchiha9146/28 2:28PM
Would you be more hyped for ORAS if Battle Frontier and post-game returned? (Archived)
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blackyoshi33216/28 2:26PM
How would you rank all of the the post-game battle facilities? (Archived)Sebas2736/28 2:24PM
Hey, I'd be up for mega klinklang if it looked like this. (Archived)LightningAce1166/28 2:21PM
Klinklang held item. (Archived)Omega_Beta1296/28 2:15PM
pokerus (Archived)Austenboston26/28 2:07PM
How to know if Ferroseed has hidden ability value? (Archived)Nanis2366/28 1:54PM
Kyurem revenge kill. (Archived)12344578976/28 1:44PM
What do you guys think of my M-Sceptile stat spread? (Archived)GangstaLizard9566/28 1:43PM
Forgive me, GTS, for I have sinned. (Archived)Ghetsis66/28 1:39PM
I have a question... (Archived)Brewster12386/28 1:20PM
Gts is ridiculous (Archived)BrianM199176/28 1:13PM
Short (less than 10 turns - I know you're too ADD for long ones) Ragequit videos (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz466/28 1:06PM
Another victory for Team Verlisify! (Archived)
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EdoSasuke236/28 12:56PM
Cinccino Filler (Archived)Sabeeeeh96/28 12:33PM
Hail Verlisify! (Archived)Jayroach256/28 12:14PM
Less than three million to go! (Archived)Owltheowl26/28 12:08PM