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this game + Miiverse (Archived)moogle6921/18/2013
I think GF is done with remakes. (Archived)
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As a fat black female Jewish furry pagan that enjoys pokemon.... (Archived)GeorgeyPeorgey81/17/2013
Favorite Legendary Quartet? (Poll)
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RSE Remakes. (Archived)RoyalShine51/17/2013
Which generation in your opinion has the strongest Pokemon? (Poll)
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I want the option to use Moves to move annoying people out of the way. (Archived)NeotheLight71/17/2013
As a Canadian who enjoys Pokemon... (Archived)jimmyzeke13101/17/2013
So I just realized, does Landorus gets 60% boost when Life Orb+Sheer Force (Archived)spooky9611/17/2013
I miss colored cartridges (Archived)
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As the last of the mehecans (Archived)VoidBeyond51/17/2013
Bane+marionette=banette (Archived)LightningAce1181/17/2013
As a muslim that enjoys pokemon (Archived)
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As Wyncorp. intl. who enjoys Pokemon fans (Archived)darkdragongirl61/17/2013
Imma catch a Snorlax and name it Totoro. (Archived)GeorgeyPeorgey81/17/2013
As a white guy that enjoys Pokemon..... (Archived)lazycomplife51/17/2013
Gen V is really incomplete (Archived)
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As a Pacific Islander that enjoys Pokemon (Archived)CrystalKing542621/17/2013
What if some pokemon had diabetes. (Archived)LEBRONJAMESJR91/17/2013
Pokemon X and Pokemon Y - New Retro Trailer (Archived)
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