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is greninja your favorite starter of all time? (Poll)
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Mynameispaul96486/29 3:11PM
Alphabet teams, day 2. (Archived)
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PokeBuyMan386/29 2:59PM
I made a Showdown alt to play the bottom of the ladder (Archived)
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discodancer77116/29 2:30PM
Fairy type recommendation? (Archived)Vegeta100066/29 2:25PM
Is multiple weathers on one team viable? (Archived)TwyliteSprinkle106/29 2:18PM
Maison swept me with Gardevoir :( (Archived)Uberjoyx56/29 2:10PM
First Generation Popularity Contest: Round 1 - Poll 2 (Poll)Paulo12396/29 2:08PM
My pokemon x does not work!!! (Archived)yagna-reddy12376/29 2:06PM
Ledian Is F****** Awesome! (Archived)
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minun73326/29 2:04PM
Scald should heal fire type Pokemon (Archived)SkyLey106/29 2:03PM
My pokemon x does not work on my 3ds!!! (Archived)
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yagna-reddy123196/29 1:56PM
Breloom moveset + EV help? (Archived)megasean300026/29 1:49PM
Is Reuniclus worth using without Trick Room? (Archived)Brodiac199256/29 1:46PM
Any one else notice this about Mawile in amie? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger66/29 1:43PM
What's with all these bad new moves? (Archived)
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SpecsDoubIade196/29 1:37PM
Using only Pikachu (Archived)
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Jayroach2146/29 1:37PM
tfw someone Tricks you a Choice Scarf (Archived)MuffinTheMew36/29 12:54PM
Does Worry Seed last the whole match? (Archived)VENEM6936/29 12:52PM
Breeding help and some questions about Destiny Knot (Archived)1WingedKnight46/29 12:44PM
lol accidental counter-trolling (Archived)landsharkx61926/29 12:43PM