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whats a good Politoed moveset/nature (Archived)
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Benaldric116/19 10:38AM
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What makes doubles less broken? (Archived)
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78Coop136/19 10:15AM
Looking for a riolu friend safari, will trade friend codes (Archived)Ballin_Out3336/19 10:03AM
Question about Pentaperfects (Archived)
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VergilsGirl136/19 10:02AM
Diancie is out in japan so can you trade it over wireless now? (Archived)XSilentBladezX56/19 9:59AM
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Haze mechanics in Rotation Battles (Archived)Blue_0rb36/19 9:57AM
Just Venting ... (Archived)
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TheJiggins126/19 9:30AM
All the shinys you have had/have right now (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob166/19 9:30AM
Breeding a 6 iv pokemon with a 5 iv (Archived)Crimsin_Giblet46/19 8:58AM
Skarmory ev spread? (Archived)Hikari5x56/19 8:55AM
what happens when Shauna hugs Goodra (Archived)
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NTR_Enterprises126/19 8:53AM
Name a pokemon that can use rain dance for Kabutops that is good in Inverse. (Archived)Yoshiguy3971106/19 8:27AM
most intense ubers match ever (Archived)Hydregionzek86/19 7:42AM
Best pokemon for giveaways? (Archived)
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Markathy09166/19 7:36AM
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How to build a team? (Archived)
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Tyken132156/19 7:26AM
What does Chesnaught look like without its shell? (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts146/19 7:23AM