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I type an adjective, you type a Pokemon (Archived)
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Isn't it dumb... (Archived)BurningFlareX93/24/2013
There should be generations based on when some Pokemon REALLY started to appear. (Archived)Krisipoke53/24/2013
What would you do? (Archived)wahaha91173/24/2013
The most forgettable Pokemon.... (Archived)ODomm33/24/2013
The best official name 51: Espeon (Poll)
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Is there an offensive version of Trick Room? (Archived)iKhanic33/24/2013
Froakie Appreciation Thread (Archived)
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Most average Pokemon.....the one that you remember, but wish you didn't. (Archived)javel3423/24/2013
Favorite NFE starter? (Archived)assassinCrash103/24/2013
Heracross wants to suck the nectar from Bulbasaur's bulb. (Archived)Windyligth63/24/2013
Would you be fine if Lapras rode you? (Archived)Windyligth43/24/2013
Anti-Keldeo Topic (Archived)
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What is the best Pokemon movie? (Archived)assassinCrash53/24/2013
Make a team from Ash's Pokemon (Archived)iKhanic33/24/2013
Why does Quash exist? (Archived)Brandon04248763/24/2013
How do Pokemon Centers make money? (Archived)
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Are non-directly touching physical moves like earthquake affected by abilities (Archived)TIGERJACKS0N43/24/2013
Metagross question (Archived)Hierarchy22533/24/2013
is there reason to expect any more info before E3? (Archived)
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