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what if; alternate type combo's for old pokemon? (Poll)paipr64/1/2013
Tribute to Gary Oak (Archived)CarbideTitan34/1/2013
I hope the pokedex or status screen uses Conquest style portraits (Poll)Aeonin34/1/2013
Can we stop the straight/gay protagonist topics? (Archived)
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what happened that this is the number 1 board? (Archived)bobstevens2312354/1/2013
Heracross Evolution. (Archived)DarkKirby250044/1/2013
So what Pokemon will be revealed next week? (Archived)
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What if Air Lens was an ability? (Archived)Brandon04248744/1/2013
Sylveon's type confirmed to be Divine (Archived)OrangeCrush98054/1/2013
A thought just hit me (Nonapril fools post) (Archived)Nado674/1/2013
Whoa, I totally got Shelmet and Karrablast's evo lines mixed up (Archived)iKhanic74/1/2013
Has anyone noticed dark type is just normal type (Archived)TIGERJACKS0N-94/1/2013
You know what we need? (Archived)Davidk9254/1/2013
Finally: Pokemon being translated into Brazilian Portuguese (Archived)Grand_Blue14/1/2013
How much would you like customizable character clothes? (Poll)
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Pokemon X and Y bumped up to a summer release! (Archived)Sakurafanboy34/1/2013
In Red/Blue, you could catch a level 5 Rattata in Route 1 (Archived)Meta28964/1/2013
Favorite spin-off game? (Poll)
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The great big fake thread (Archived)SalsaSavant64/1/2013
Does this happen to anyone else? (Archived)Goten55104/1/2013