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Shiny pokes (Archived)rmac526/24 3:53PM
I used to wonder why Azumarill was OU... (Archived)
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BronyBeat136/24 3:37PM
I got a perfect IV adament Marill with Aqua Jet and Belly drum. What should I do (Archived)MARKINGRAM2266/24 3:35PM
So what lesser known/weaker pokemon will get a mega? (Archived)
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Caolan_2k9316/24 3:34PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Fighting Round 1.3 (Poll)Ice_Dragon1496/24 3:23PM
Best/Worst Pokemon Grass Round 1.1 (Poll)
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Ice_Dragon14216/24 3:22PM
YR:Guts and all similar abilites... (Archived)
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CptFluttershy126/24 3:18PM
Your reaction if there's a new Regigigas event, with Huge Power (Archived)
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SkylightNight216/24 3:15PM
Gamefreak should replace Weavile's HA to Technician already (Archived)FryDays500096/24 2:51PM
2 shinies in a 24 hour span (Archived)keith_12x96/24 2:51PM
The myths in this game are absolutley terrifying... like with the ghost girl (Archived)SophieLuvsTofu106/24 2:39PM
What do you do with good IV legendaries but not right nature? (Archived)ahoy-yosh96/24 2:33PM
Arcanine best build (Archived)
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xxxrauberxxx196/24 2:06PM
breeding question (Archived)adrianoadj106/24 2:02PM
Spellcheck pokemon names! (Archived)
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lolsophia7146/24 2:02PM
Which one do you like more: Results from the 100 polls (Poll)
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Paulo123196/24 1:48PM
Tyranitar is bad and should get buffs (Archived)
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Slayerblade11266/24 1:42PM
Something is wrong in the world when a punk criticizes my clothes! (Archived)
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rmac5116/24 1:42PM
Your Pokemon OTP (Poll)Jayroach256/24 1:42PM
I quite like pokemon based that aren't based off animals. (Archived)BlackBlueButts76/24 1:40PM