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So, any word on Pokecheck getting back up? (Archived)Jacksworth46/22 7:27AM
Just got 'Is paralyzed and can't move!' 7 turns in a row. (Archived)
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supremeblaster206/22 7:26AM
I want to make a team consisting of NFE Pokemon. (Archived)Zeeky_Bomb106/22 7:21AM
Is there a way to get my Poke' Miles back from Game Sync? (Archived)Rot8er_ConeX46/22 7:16AM
YR: Next Gen Toxic Boost increases Attack AND Speed (Archived)hodelino56/22 7:15AM
who's mega stone (Archived)shanj9936/22 7:10AM
Woah...competitive Pokemon plays like Hearthstone (Archived)HHDeception46/22 7:04AM
Cliff trades me a Farfetch'd (Archived)moredibell76/22 6:50AM
How do you use Pain Split? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife56/22 6:41AM
Togekiss EVs? (Archived)TheFightingPoly36/22 6:16AM
1 wonder trade= ? pokemiles? (Archived)RedRaven_66/22 6:16AM
Help me a noob breed a Froakie (Archived)Likach66/22 5:55AM
whats an entertaining way to level up your pokemon? (Archived)mehmetski66/22 5:41AM
Which one do you like more: Round 95 - Magnezone or Togekiss? (Poll)
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Paulo123116/22 5:40AM
Should the Master Ball be renamed to the Miss Ball in a girl's game? (Archived)
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MissJocelyn536/22 5:24AM
More of a collector than a fighter (Archived)BrianM199176/22 5:19AM
What are all the kids doing in the competitive scene these days? (Archived)whitepsychtiger56/22 5:00AM
Should I Nuzlocke or Solo Gen 5? (Archived)
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TepigSnivy146/22 3:45AM
When I see mega kang and mega gengar in ubers (Archived)
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BlackBlueButts116/22 3:22AM
An Eevee friendly huh? (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer626/22 3:20AM