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Moves that cannot be used by Metronome (Archived)RaeNine36/26 12:40PM
Anyone else here like Mudkipz? (Archived)JohnRust746/26 12:34PM
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So I was looking at POTW 127... (Archived)
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Hydregionzek5006/26 12:24PM
Speed Boost Carvanha/Sharpedo (Archived)WarSnake9726/26 12:23PM
Is there a legality checker available like Pokecheck was? Also a big database? (Archived)
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lusofuso196/26 12:10PM
So I started working on a Living Pokedex... (Archived)Falcanine46/26 12:10PM
Use movie/video game lines and replace a word with Pokemon (Archived)
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Second_Hokage546/26 12:08PM
Yr: Pokemon Dance Academy (Archived)Mikey_Minccino76/26 12:02PM
Colors/Colours (Poll)
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lawlnope316/26 11:45AM
Need to make room on my team. Help appreciated. (Archived)supremeblaster76/26 11:44AM
A team based on hydreigon (Archived)the_van_kid76/26 11:29AM
How stupid is this noobers team? (Poll)
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lawlnope146/26 11:28AM
ditto breeding question (Archived)Potato_man2366/26 11:09AM
For a move called "FOCUS" blast, you'd think focusing would raise one's accuracy (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz146/26 11:00AM
Imposter Ditto Matchup (Archived)Milikor76/26 10:58AM
banded scizor or mega scizor? (Archived)the_van_kid96/26 10:44AM
What is your Poke-purpose? (Archived)
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BabyTiggglz316/26 10:39AM
A question about Hone claws durant and stone edge. (Archived)Apocali_Dragoon66/26 10:36AM