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What can I use to bolster this team? (Archived)OmfgitsBlah76/24 12:30PM
To Mega or Not To Mega? (Day 2.5- Aerodactyl vs Mega Aerodactyl) (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
TheWhiskaz156/24 12:24PM
Watch as I live at 1%, get a SD boost and sweep. (Archived)Caolan_2k936/24 12:24PM
What do you think of these ideas for future generation Pokemon (Archived)GangstaLizard9526/24 12:15PM
Heracross (Archived)
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MegaRyan196/24 12:08PM
I don't understand quagsires bulk. (Archived)Caolan_2k966/24 12:06PM
M.Sceptile design is terrible (Archived)
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kokobeng10000136/24 12:03PM
FINALLY got Anticipation Eevee. (Archived)
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Percussiologist116/24 11:54AM
YR Next Gen you have one "Dodge" per Battle (Archived)
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MegaSableye126/24 11:46AM
Proof that VGC is a cheap ripoff of Smogon (Archived)
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Hydregionzek896/24 11:44AM
Am I the only one that feels Pumpkaboo tree should've had Flash Fire? (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer156/24 10:59AM
Will Team Aqua and Team Magma actually have Water and Fire Pokemon this time? (Poll)
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DarkKirby2500126/24 10:56AM
Help me with a NU sun team! (Archived)
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GlowingLumineon146/24 10:38AM
If you could have pokemon as pets which would you have for each type? (Archived)
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strider_123396/24 10:37AM
Finally getting this game today, how much pokemon can you get in-game? (Archived)djmetal77746/24 10:35AM
Question about Punishment... (Archived)PokemonFan66526/24 10:04AM
What if Milotic's base sp.attk was 125 instead of 100 ? (Archived)
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iron_defense166/24 10:02AM
Is Mega Houndoom good outside of the Sun? (Archived)gamerman5796/24 9:53AM
You wake up and find a Mew sitting next to you, trying to wake you up (Archived)
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MuffinTheMew166/24 9:53AM
Question about EV training? (Archived)Lulzard96/24 9:48AM