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best playable waifu...?! ....! (Poll)
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Alright Gamefaqs, I have a perposed Challenge for all of you (Archived)
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GoIdenAce255/3 11:03PM
My friend traded me a Torchic (Archived)Vegeta100065/3 10:54PM
Ok, now I'm really, REALLY starting to think something's wrong with my MM... (Archived)
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tarzanmx195/3 10:34PM
People really think Greninja's popularity will die? (Archived)
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Diayamondo335/3 10:29PM
Imagine the drstruction if Eviolite... (Archived)
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Malimario98145/3 10:11PM
By far one of the best battles I have had so far (Archived)Vadmac25/3 10:00PM
Is Breloom a viable counter to Special Greninja? (Archived)
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RajakaiTheBeast125/3 9:48PM
What level was your team when you beat the elite four? (Archived)
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Krazoa2305/3 9:40PM
Out of all these Pokemon, which is best? (Poll)IceYoshi65/3 9:12PM
Minor things you want to change about the games (Archived)
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Breeding with an egg group (Question) (Archived)Amourshipping45/3 8:59PM
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