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What's the most OP move? (Poll)
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best gym leader part 5 (Poll)
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What would you ask the creators of pokemon (Archived)EonPaladin102/16/2013
cyrus and porygon-z (SPOILERS FOR POKEMON PLATINUM) (Archived)
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Your favorite Kanto Gym Leader theme? (Poll)ice_phoenix_62/16/2013
Instead of focusing one the new eeveelution lets focus on important stuff (Archived)theboogs52/16/2013
silly question, but this will obviously be compatable with 5th gen right? (Archived)PatHatchet42/16/2013
Your two favourite gens (Archived)
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Mario in the Pokemon World (Archived)KingTumbleweed92/16/2013
Kanto will be this gen! (Quote me on that) (Archived)Dark_Zoroark62/16/2013
Rate the Soundtrack Day 6: Legendary Beast Battle (HG/SS) (Poll)-Zeke-82/16/2013
can't pokemon showdown get taken down if say some reported them (Archived)SUGARASHAD42/16/2013
Disturbing thought. (Archived)scrappybristol52/16/2013
What Types would you have in your game? (Archived)mutehero792/16/2013
What would you say is the most efficient move for each type? (Archived)ZarthimusPrime22/16/2013
Just picked up Platinum and White 2 (Archived)MedalKing92/16/2013
You know what the best part of getting new info will be? (Archived)theboogs42/16/2013
Why do I have a thing for stealth rock weaknesses? (Archived)iKhanic32/16/2013
If there is a third member to Xerneas and Yveltal... (Archived)IngSlayer22/16/2013
What do you think the most fun part of Pokemon is? (Poll)
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