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What pokemon looks the most like a toothbrush!? (Archived)
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X and Y = pokemon fusions. Charizard goes to OU. I'm calling it. (Archived)
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Hyper Beam Variants now have 275 BP (Archived)
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Do you know what would be awesome? (Archived)Bali9963/15/2013
Gamefaqs' favorite Pokemon! Round 98: Nidoking linebreaker (Poll)pafbonk23/15/2013
Who has a pokedex? (Poll)henriue73/15/2013
Gamefaqs' favorite Pokemon! Round 97: Metagross linebreaker (Poll)pafbonk53/15/2013
How would streetpass be added to this game? (Archived)RJGamer199043/15/2013
Ask me anything while I take a poo. (Archived)keflyn83/15/2013
So a Beartic walks into a bar. (Archived)UltimaZangetsu83/15/2013
How would you feel about an "experienced mode" as add-on content? (Archived)
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Explain this pattern, somebody (Archived)
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Where do you guys watch pokemon? (Archived)
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Knock knock (pokemon eidtion) (Archived)Yveltal73/15/2013
Why did GameFreak make Sharpedo's defenses so low? (Archived)DBF__93/15/2013
Which is the best weather condition? (Poll)
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Is Geodude the best Pokemon? (Archived)
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I wish we could get rid of Lucario and just make a new Charizard evolution. (Archived)
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Hmm... I should really try the Swagsire combo (Archived)Shadow_StarWolf43/15/2013
So a Charizard walks into a bar (Archived)
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