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when are we getting more news? (Archived)wingblade9851/27/2013
Isn't Nidoran kinda special? (Archived)
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If Gold was a Trainer in the game what would his team be? (Archived)
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For the Froakie Fans (Archived)
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Oshawott is my favorite starter Pokemon from all generations... (Archived)
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Why is Jolteon OU but Raikou UU? (Archived)
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Anyone here play unovarpg aka pokemon indigo? (Archived)Aurawhisperer21/27/2013
Do you think Ash's dad will ever appear in the anime or movie? (Archived)
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Super Smash Bros makes Mewtwo look like a joke (Archived)
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If Froakie does become a Water/Fighting... (Archived)Meta28981/27/2013
If Hilbert and Lucas were trainers in this game what would their teams be? (Archived)Mudkip4351/27/2013
What if Red was in your neighborhood? (Archived)
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Are there real animals in the pokemon world? (Archived)TIGERJACKS0N91/27/2013
Do you think we'll be able to capture Luigi and Oh-Ho in this game (Archived)
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What do you think it'll take for genesect to be unbanned this gen (Archived)gamepimp1281/27/2013
Your top 15 starters (for each level or not) (Archived)pafbonk11/27/2013
Did You Know: Pokemon style. (Archived)
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So is Black and White gonna be the best story we get or what? (Archived)w00t199661/27/2013
What would happen if Pokemon went back to stat experience? (Archived)
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Best pokemon out of these #4 (Poll)BolognaSammich81/27/2013