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POKEMON X and Y speculation: the three waiter gym leaders will return (Archived)A Novel Idea61/9/2013
Sign here if you are buying a 3DS. (Archived)protobakurion71/9/2013
nintendo is trollign with how hard the legendarys name are to pernounce (Archived)
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The bird is blatantly shaped like a Y. (Archived)
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banjo kazooie201/9/2013
Though i'm excited, i have this strange fear about the shift to 3D (Archived)Ku-Ri-Boh81/9/2013
It's time for a disco ball Pokemon (Archived)Emerald_Melios71/9/2013
Type combos that have yet to be used. (Archived)
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Not in the GameFAQs Top 10? I think I know why. (Archived)
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here's hoping there's fewer dumb minigames and distractions (Archived)
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TIL that I am a Fennekin (Archived)essprit059171/9/2013
Fennec Fox Fennekin's German name (Archived)
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DANGIT what if the Pokemon-X Comic has to shut down now :(? (Archived)KroganBallEater41/9/2013
Prehistoric creatures you'd like to see the new fossil Pokemon based on? (Archived)
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Green Mamba471/9/2013
I definitely won't be getting this game. (Archived)
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Official Chespin/Grass Starter Appreciation Topic (Archived)
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Type Combinations! (Archived)DemonSlayer9221/9/2013
Anyone else think that the girl folowing the player in the forest might be Rosa? (Archived)Kapuxa51/9/2013
If you could choose ONE older Pokemon to gain an evolution for Generation VI... (Archived)ShadowKnux37251/9/2013
The one thing I hope isn't in Gen 6 (Archived)darthsnider71/9/2013
Xatu lost it's status (Archived)
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