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Your reaction: A new attack called Destiny Tackle (Archived)Rupin_Salesman93/3/2013
I think Samurott is a real stand up pokemon. (Archived)Windyligth93/3/2013
How come Ultra Balls suck so much? (Archived)
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Should poison be able to hit water for SE? (Poll)
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"I'll trade you this Haunter for a Medicham." (Archived)CM_Ponch23/3/2013
Should Psychic be SE againts Steel? (Archived)
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Have they not invented a smartphone yet? (Archived)Hermeses23/3/2013
I've never raged so much at a Pokemon game before. (Archived)
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Surely there are official Joltik and Volcarona plushies right? (Archived)Shadow_StarWolf53/3/2013
If I have Toxic Spikes up against my enemy's field, so does Leviate/Fly types.. (Archived)spooky9623/3/2013
I've never touched Johto or Unova before. (Archived)
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Help me to evolve my Electabuzz White 2 (Archived)Isolde8923/3/2013
Should Fighting be not very effective against Fighting? (Poll)Infinity837873/3/2013
Gamefreak does make the best pokemon names. (Archived)
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Did you ever get into a confrontation with someone over Pokemon? (Archived)
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Should Fire be super effective against Phychic? (Poll)Infinity837893/3/2013
My Sylveon theory (Archived)
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Pokemon growing stronger as you bond with them.. (Archived)
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New Jinx Evolution (Archived)
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How the heck Gamefreak came up with such cool Pokemon voice cry? (Archived)faruway93/3/2013