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It is kinda ironic... (Archived)
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The Region is France and a starter is a frog. (Archived)
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Please help me with this... (Archived)
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Weather (Archived)P0k3m0nWaRR10R841/8/2013
How trollfreak would it be if those weren't the starters? (Archived)Twilight_Sonata41/8/2013
I guess Console games will lose demand. (Archived)360pages51/8/2013
What changes do you want to see in the current Pokemon? (Archived)Loixuj101/8/2013
Region Discussion and Theories (Archived)surferguy721/8/2013
Water starter = (Archived)Silent_Snake66651/8/2013
Is Pokemon staduim obsolete now? (Archived)warnerbroman41/8/2013
Since we are getting Pokemon Y we should call ourselves... (Archived)bwburke9421/8/2013
C/D: Change is bad. (Archived)
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if zorua and feneiken ever met i think theyd start making out (Archived)
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Anyone else think X and Y are related to dimensions? (Archived)
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Will Chandelure be in this game? (Archived)Cpt_Calamity61/8/2013
Mr.Mime has to be in!!! (Archived)LandscapeManX31/8/2013
Predict the total Pokemon in gen 6. (Archived)
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ATTN: Everyone not preordering Pokemon X. (Archived)the_cajun8891/8/2013
For those of you that want Pokegen/AR to return? (Archived)MillionGunmannn51/8/2013
What types do you want the elite 4 to have? (Archived)Nerwrax1591/8/2013