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I wonder where X/Y came from... (Archived)
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What streaks will be broken this gen? (Archived)CM_Ponch21/10/2013
What Were Your Past Teams From The Previous Games? (Archived)
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Some pics of potential eeveelutions and starter evolutions and what not. (Archived)
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Moves that Poke's Should Get this Gen... (Archived)SteelPunk80811/10/2013
HAs the Unova league given you more respect for Flareon? (Archived)1qaqa131/10/2013
Why can't I just get off this board? (Archived)lazycomplife71/10/2013
Guy at 4chan /vp/ claims to have played Pokemon X (Archived)
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Just to confirm... (Archived)SteelPunk80841/10/2013
So who is trying to take over the world this time? (Archived)
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Why does everybody forget about FR/LG? (Archived)
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I dont always get excited when there is a new generation... (Archived)
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Lol @ all these people talking about chromosomes (Archived)2wingedangel81/10/2013
One day, Professor Oak walked onto his porch and witnessed... (Archived)IBA_61/10/2013
Shouldn't this be Pokemon IX? (Archived)
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Here's another theory that still makes sense (Archived)Ri_Ir21/10/2013
Froakie should be the fastest Water starter. (Archived)Fort_Wayne21/10/2013
Suppose the world changes too much in 2013 (Archived)IBA_61/10/2013
OMG what if Z.... (Archived)
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Pokemon X/Y (Poll)
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