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Will you play this game if it's rated terribly? (Archived)
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Sylveon's type will be... (Archived)Marbychu83/5/2013
I havn't played Pokemon since Gen 1. (Archived)
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Man it would be so awesome if everyone used Cresselia (Archived)XxMahnaMahnaxX43/5/2013
Official Peace Meeting for the Teams (Archived)
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Aggroboss. (Archived)DBF__23/5/2013
Random idea I had: Choice X moves (Archived)NinjaKitsune13/5/2013
I really hope this game is a lot less competitive than the previous 2 gens (Archived)cardoor123 gf53/5/2013
I hope this is less repetitive than previous games (Archived)Cow Killer43/5/2013
would you like a pre-release demo of this game? (Archived)AlphaDiamond63/5/2013
I hope team Rocket will be in this game (Archived)thisguy1273/5/2013
C/D There should be a virus Pokemon in X and Y (Archived)
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Berserk Gene in X/Y (Poll)
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Team Miror + Team Legends (Archived)
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Venusaur appreciation (Archived)Rupin_Salesman93/5/2013
Rocket members.. (Archived)
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What will the anime dub team do about the XY season? (Archived)
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Super Slash523/5/2013
Real Original GF (Archived)CarbideTitan63/5/2013
C/D - The best bit of Gen 1 was throwing a ball at Team Rocket's pokemon (Poll)GilgameshSwords73/5/2013
God I hope we get an animated trailer... (Archived)heyitsthatguy1193/5/2013