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Have I ever told you guys about the time I saw a Lapras? (Archived)javel3443/12/2013
Bisharp split evo idea (more chess pieces) (Archived)iKhanic33/12/2013
We don't need a light type. We already have it (them). (Archived)King-gamer63/12/2013
Would you swap genders for a week to be able to play the game early? (Archived)
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I want the Caffeine Addict Pokemon (Archived)Nomorice4U33/12/2013
Is there need for a new type? (Archived)
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So the new Pokemon type is Light... (Archived)Kovalchuk_33/12/2013
Advice on catching legendaries? (Archived)DeathSoul2000103/12/2013
What do you think the new growls will sound like? (Archived)Teremei43/12/2013
Do you still use the Dream World? (Poll)TherianReturns83/12/2013
Just discovered some fakemon i made long ago. Rate them (Archived)
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Honoguma will never be a real pokemon :( (Archived)CM_Ponch23/12/2013
You get to use multiple trainer characters in game. (Poll)
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I'm not expecting anything until May (Archived)Mudkip4393/12/2013
Which female Pokemon trainer has the nicest feet, do you think? (Archived)
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Stickers (Archived)Mudkip4323/12/2013
Sometimes I paint my hair green and wear a white dress and pretend I'm gardevior (Archived)
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Sometimes I die and become Yamask. (Archived)KingTumbleweed53/12/2013
Sometimes I dig a hole in the ground, sit in it, and pretend I'm diglet. (Archived)Windyligth63/12/2013
Would you like or dislike if Nobuo Uematsu did the OST for Pokemon X/Y? (Poll)
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