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Is it just me or does Ninfia look like Victini and Skyla fused together. (Archived)gg13242/12/2013
We are not getting any new Pokemon X and Y Information.. (Archived)
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How do you feel about Fennekin? (Poll)
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''How does it evolve'' topic (Archived)Shin_Megami_Boy42/12/2013
Now everybody wants to use Fennekin. (Archived)
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Ninfia is totally Flying type. (Archived)saturn_frogurt42/12/2013
Ninfia is Fighting... Why you ask?? (Archived)
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Ninfia why? ;__; (Archived)
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Let's match celebs to pokemon (Archived)javel3482/12/2013
Umbreon is still best. (Archived)
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Ninfia - 2 Colors or it's just a bad image quality? (Archived)Jrx112/12/2013
You'd think that after all these years... (Archived)game200232/12/2013
No Kanto in gen V? Quick, give them Charizard and a Mewtwo movie! (Archived)SlimeStack72/12/2013
Ninfia could evolve by a new mechanic "bonding" (Archived)Zero97102/12/2013
Calling it (Archived)
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Mario's gonna be a pokemon (Archived)
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Ah, Gamefreak, I get it...Ninfia, bows + the region, France/Euro = FASHION! (Archived)faruway52/12/2013
So what type do you think Ninfia is? (Poll)
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Is the plan to give all pokemon 3 stages? (Archived)mickomoo52/12/2013
Your reaction if most of Gen 6 pokemon were designed to attract Females Audience (Archived)Brandon00151102/12/2013