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Will Teleport finally have a use in trainer battles this gen? (Archived)White_Queen41/11/2013
Xerneas is master of the legendary musketeers (Archived)warnerbroman101/11/2013
Gyms for Pokemon X/Y (Archived)
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This game should let you get both legendaries in the same game like Gen 2 (Poll)kingjam171/11/2013
No water routes in this game? (Archived)Chimpsonabus51/11/2013
wait a minute did they explicitly state that the three pokemon were the starters (Archived)
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there should be a pirate pokemon (Archived)IndianaJones6591/11/2013
I know it's a new generation but.... (Archived)765619861/11/2013
I'm hoping the version differences get bigger in this one. (Archived)Aqua6969651/11/2013
We have Ninjask for a "Ninja" themed Pokemon. (Archived)HakuMan11138661/11/2013
Old Pokemon you would like to see Evolve/Pre-evolution (Archived)
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C/D starters can be caught in the wild. (Poll)
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ITT: I mention small details you might have missed about the trailer with pics (Poll)GoldenSun3DS71/11/2013
zubat (Archived)YoyokuKO41/11/2013
What is the most annoying status condition (Poll)
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What's with all these Genesect? (upcoming movie) (Archived)Catcher_Freeman91/11/2013
Does anyone else collect every single pokemon? (Archived)airsoft24611/11/2013
Anyone else disappointed by... (Archived)
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With Pokemon going full 3D, should we get new and better Pokemon cries? (Archived)
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I really hope we get a Pokemon Z and no Pokemon X2/Y2 (Archived)PhaseBlack101/11/2013