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Rate my Charizard (Archived)
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Shiny Wurmple or Purple Wurmple (Poll)pokemon2poker13/10/2013
Age is just a number if you're a pokemon trainer. (Archived)TherianHeresy83/10/2013
Lol, wobby being uber. (Archived)
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Pokemon is pretty gangster (Archived)Fritz0x893/10/2013
Why is steam roller bug type? It's clearly steel (Archived)TIGERJACKS0N53/10/2013
Try to convince me that Ludicolo is not awesome (Archived)
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Manticore (Archived)TheNargacuga73/10/2013
Think of your favorite pokemon before entering (Archived)henriue63/10/2013
"Open in March" (Archived)superstud69x33/10/2013
Worst Professor (Poll)
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I was feeling really depressed today. Pokemon saved me. (Archived)
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Think of your absolute favorite Pokemon... (Archived)Gardevoir4763/10/2013
Think of a Pokemon before entering? (Archived)Daemonscharm93/10/2013
Your Reaction: Wobbuffet's new gen 6 ability. (Archived)CarbideTitan83/10/2013
Think of your least favorite Pokemon before entering... (these are getting old) (Archived)
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C/D: We should have the option to release unwanted eggs. (Archived)
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Posterboy for Charizard fanboys? (Archived)AngryGFAQer73/10/2013
Awesome Intro (Archived)furygods13/10/2013
How do you feel about hackers. (Poll)
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