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ditto better be in this (Archived)darkheartVegeta41/24/2013
Eleventh Most Popular Type - Round 1 (Poll)Accrovideogames71/24/2013
My take on the starter's evolutions: (Archived)
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Pokemon Y dudes should name their player Fei (Archived)Vaanelo9921/24/2013
Genwunners: Sign if... (Archived)Faust_861/24/2013
Uh... I kinda like Cat the Fox now... (Archived)ashcrv81/24/2013
Kabutops is genesect (Archived)
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i want to see the bad guys show up in the hometown (Archived)monpoke371/24/2013
one possible flaw with making ev's visible. (Archived)
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Golduck vs Farfetch'd vs Ludicolo vs Swanna. Who is awesome? (Poll)
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Why not jus get all 3 (Archived)acety251/24/2013
Will you pick the male or female trainer? (Archived)
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Can someone give me a mudkip? You get Genesect and other options. (Archived)alatreon78941/24/2013
I'm going to try to get this game without knowing any more information. (Archived)MayorDex91/24/2013
Chandelure is best ghost Pokemon. (Archived)
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I don't understand... (Archived)
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Pokemon of the hand held. (Archived)
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Hey guys! Konami released a game with mulitplayer compatibility! (Archived)Chenmaster221/24/2013
Have any of your Pokemon obtained Pokerus? (Poll)
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Agree/Disagree Pokemon should have their individual weaknesses/strenghts (Archived)KEN18161/24/2013