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So where (Archived)MariaAlteration41/8/2013
So, X-Deer's antlers... (Archived)
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Heeey wait a min..... (Archived)Axccel71/8/2013
Horrible pokemon designs (Archived)lazycomplife71/8/2013
The Male Protagonist isn't growing on me! (Archived)
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Isn't the green starter just some recolored pokemon from a past generation? (Archived)MarioKartDavid61/8/2013
Gen 6 announced too early? (Archived)Vivisqeq71/8/2013
So with the roller-skates... (Archived)seth_sage1230041/8/2013
Starters evolution type (Archived)
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Froakie will probably evolve into either a flying or fighting type (Archived)
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I'm checking a video of pokedex 3D and I'm shocked at some pronounciations. (Archived)
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Which of these types would be better at baseball? (Poll)AhnoldDood71/8/2013
So I hope the region is called something...europian-like. (Archived)PatHatchet51/8/2013
Chespin (Archived)pokemega3281/8/2013
Will this work on the regular DS? (Archived)
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The legendaries look HAMAZING (Archived)Goodbye1800021/8/2013
How many routes must a trainer walk down... (Archived)
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Nintendo should try to get Pokemon players more involved with the metagame (Archived)TorgoForever71/8/2013
Very excited but one question.... (Archived)
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Heh, I just realized how retro sci-fi the game names are (Archived)Shadow_StarWolf11/8/2013