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Your reaction: 2v2 becomes the standard battle format. (Archived)Gubbey61/18/2013
So why do you play Pokemon? (Archived)
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How would you feel if Gamefreak formed partnership with people who have Tolkein (Archived)GilgameshSwords71/18/2013
How long has X/Y been in development? (Archived)TastyKittyMMMM71/18/2013
Unicorn type is whats next (Archived)bobstevens2312341/18/2013
Why is there a "Dragon" Type... (Archived)
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C/D: All OU pokemon are objectively better than their UU counterparts. (Archived)RedArchangel2051/18/2013
Pokemon pokemon, pokemon. (Archived)DarkOceanNights101/18/2013
I demand (Archived)YoyokuKO61/18/2013
What is the best Pokemon generation? (Poll)HylianCyndaquil91/18/2013
Game Length - how long would you prefer Pokemon games to be? (Poll)Deoxys_Prime71/18/2013
We need an Stadium-esque announcer in some parts of the game (Archived)Nerwrax1581/18/2013
more pokemon is like more (Archived)SUGARASHAD91/18/2013
Do you pick a certain type starter? (Archived)
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Would the real Official Cydaquil please stand up? (Archived)KingTumbleweed61/18/2013
My cat ate my Sapphire version (Archived)
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Got a good poll for you: what do you think of pokemons battle community nowdays (Poll)Aurawhisperer61/18/2013
ITT: we think of really dumb ideas for new Pokemon (Archived)
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Cat eats Sapphire version = insta-fad topics (Archived)
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A squirrel is eating my emerald version (Archived)lazycomplife91/18/2013