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allright huys I have to admit somethingh (Archived)ashcrv43/2/2013
This board is going to hit 200 pages of topics this weekend (Archived)lazycomplife73/2/2013
What's with you people and Charizard?? (Archived)
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You people are making me like Charizard... (Archived)
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Pokemon X & Y will use an Active Turn-Based battle system. (Poll)DarthLaharl73/2/2013
Platinum game. (Archived)Black_Kyurem33/2/2013
just got the game! (Archived)fredie1123/2/2013
Which user from this board would you take as your partner for a 2-on-2 tourney? (Archived)
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Do YOU care for/participate in the "metagame"? (Archived)Nerwrax15103/2/2013
Do you guys know what porygon z is at least partly based on? (Archived)
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How many shinies did you catch and what is your favorite fad (Archived)
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Wouldn't it make sense for a zombie based pokemon to be (Archived)noname2lazy73/2/2013
Pokemon Challenge #3 (Archived)ShadowOfDeath103/1/2013
we find out if HG/SS was better than the original GSC (Archived)
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Why do they keep making Jiggs clones? (Archived)lazycomplife63/1/2013
Pokemon Challenge #1 (Archived)
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I believe that certain people should be gym leaders... (Archived)AuroraSonicBeam73/1/2013
WHY DO THEY KEEP MAKlNG PIKACHU CLONES (Archived)ecylis63/1/2013
Do you believe in Arceus and what is your favorite shiny pokemon (Archived)EonPaladin93/1/2013
Persian needs an evolution (Archived)
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