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Did you like the gb player? (Poll)LightningAce1142/13/2013
Dark type (Archived)jamieyello72/13/2013
So you've reached the Plateau, but not yet a hero (Archived)CM_Ponch42/13/2013
So much fanart aldready? And a soft plush Ninfia?! (Archived)LysanderxX62/13/2013
Can someone show me an picture of all the announed pokemon (Archived)99thkingheart42/13/2013
I noticed something. Every Pokemon game with Mewtwo was good. (Archived)
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Do you have mental saying or pictures for knowing what the match type-ups are? (Archived)Whats_Up444492/13/2013
CoroCoro picture leaked showing new pocket monsters. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity92/13/2013
Will Luvdisc finally get an evolution? (Poll)CosmB62/13/2013
What move characterizes each generation's competitive battling? (Archived)A Novel Idea82/13/2013
Poison should be Super Effective against Water. (Archived)
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A Novel Idea202/13/2013
My guess: Ninfia will be the same type as Audino and Chansey. (Archived)HHDeception62/13/2013
Drastic changes to existing Pokemon? (Archived)CherryEgo42/13/2013
Let's guess Ninfia's base stats, ability, and moves (Archived)Frostaqua32/13/2013
What I want in X and Y. (Archived)flying_carnage42/13/2013
ITT: Favorite Pokemon of each type. (Archived)
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Anyone else know every nature and their stat effects by heart? (Archived)
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Use a Pokemon move on the user above you! (Archived)
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Oh my god, this is real..... (Archived)Holy_Oblivion102/13/2013
Which villainous team did you feel was the most villainous? (Poll)
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