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Xerneas to the West or Xerneas to the North (Archived)Oreno526741/10/2013
Why do people think we already know essays worth of information about this game? (Archived)
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Would like to see the water starter be a fighting type. (Archived)
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Just letting ya'll know... (Archived)
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Why has no one made any math jokes about this yet? (Archived)
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So now that the Pokemon world is confirmed to have the same layout as Earth (Archived)Chimpsonabus71/10/2013
I expect a mass suicide to take place if even one new type is introduced. (Archived)
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So sad. I can't find one of my Pokemon games! (Archived)Coryo6182751/10/2013
maybe starter dark/psychic/fighting, isn't good typing, i rather see this.... (Poll)
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Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer! (Archived)
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If Pokemon from Gen 5 aren't transferable, I'm not getting this. (Archived)
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What if gen regions 1-4 are in this? (Archived)GoldenSun3DS71/10/2013
Kinda bummed we didnt get to make fan names (Archived)Coop14101/10/2013
I don't have an X or a Y chromosome... (Archived)Speedmaster122541/10/2013
Things you guys want to do with the battle system? (Archived)YoyokuKO11/10/2013
Hopefully this time, move animation will make some freaking sense. (Archived)
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I feel like a bad fan now.. (Archived)
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The name of the male trainer is now Yugi. I declare it to be so. (Archived)TruePowerSeeker41/10/2013
DLC Pokemon? (Archived)
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The name of the female trainer is now Yuna. I declare it to be so. (Archived)
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