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What if gamefreak trolled us and we got quiver dance garchomp. (Archived)LightningAce1125/26 2:34PM
Which Pokemon has the nicest front side? (Archived)BluntGrunt65/26 2:32PM
How do you guys breed/hatch eggs? (Archived)
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gamerman57145/26 2:30PM
I play Pokemon just to look at the Pokemon (Archived)
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GiranXYZ125/26 2:29PM
Advice and hints for events transfer with ribbons (Archived)KeVPM45/26 2:28PM
What are the strongest OU Pokemon you can think of (Archived)
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mrballerswaggin205/26 2:20PM
Are games like Stadium and Battle Revolution obsolete now that Pokemon is in 3D (Poll)
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Brandon00151125/26 1:56PM
Why cant I use my charizardite X ? (Archived)Keybored123105/26 1:49PM
Can't decide what to do for my next playthrough. (Archived)paipr75/26 1:39PM
Just hatched a shiny froakie!! (Archived)thealmightydib65/26 1:34PM
Last night was going through pokemon league and decided to stop and sleep (Archived)Culturally_Lao95/26 1:23PM
YR: The bag can now be used in competitive battles. (Archived)
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LRodC115/26 1:09PM
Someday I want to try the SubPunch Mega Mawile set. (Archived)Chenmaster225/26 1:00PM
Legendary Birds question (Archived)Swords_Rose_8635/26 12:59PM
Hoopa Usages (Archived)
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DrakJay325/26 12:54PM
Would you erase Hydreigon from existence? (Poll)
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Sebas27245/26 12:46PM
Your Typing (Archived)
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MickeyRocksa145/26 12:40PM
seems Pokegen's dead (Archived)RoyalDroneX65/26 12:30PM
Mega Mawile really looks like a legitimate Mawile Evo. (Archived)Zero9775/26 12:27PM
Hoenn Remakes + Poke bank (Archived)MikeAtTheSource95/26 12:07PM