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How many times have you reset your game and started over? (Archived)
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SomeLikeItHoth125/27 3:11PM
Anyone with powersaves can shinyfy my 5iv bagon? (Archived)Germaicanboy15/27 3:10PM
Question about powersaves (Archived)darkblade153445/27 3:03PM
In Generation 7 Unnerve not only prevents consumption of a berry but... (Archived)TheSnubbz95/27 2:57PM
Battle Chateau Super Multi team? (Archived)Barako25/27 2:51PM
Why do (Archived)TalesOfXAndY85/27 2:46PM
You know... (Archived)Lord_Chivalry45/27 2:40PM
I know not all of Smogon do this... (Archived)
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Lobster44305/27 2:28PM
If you have a Japanese version of pokemon X/Y, can you get future Japanese event (Archived)milotic4465/27 2:28PM
Nidoking fans....and really fans of Pokemon related jokes. (Archived)paipr45/27 2:20PM
Drop Ancient Power for Aura Sphere? (Archived)Vito21915/27 2:19PM
Smogon should ban Scald (Archived)
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wolf rider605/27 2:12PM
The southeast asia mystery (Archived)
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R-A-V275/27 2:07PM
Save Muffin 2014 Campaign (Archived)
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hodelino145/27 2:06PM
Why does no one use focus band? (Archived)
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Lobster44245/27 2:05PM
ITT: We come up with explanations for nonsensical moves (Archived)fawful_X95/27 1:59PM
What good thing can you say about your least favorite pokemon? (Archived)
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charman5445/27 1:57PM
80-90% accurate moves are the bane of my ****ing existence (Archived)
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llstrifell295/27 1:39PM
How many noobs have you ran into on showdown? (Archived)
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RadiantVaporeon175/27 1:28PM
Pokerus won't spread for me for some reason... (Archived)Corn-Fox95/27 1:26PM