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When is pokemon smash airing again? (Archived)LightningAce1151/26/2013
Most Popular Type - Fire VS Electric (Poll)Accrovideogames41/26/2013
Can't wait to see what creepy Pokedex entries Gamefreak gonna show in Gen 6... (Archived)faruway51/26/2013
I want a talking sandwich that evolves into a talking cheeseburger. (Archived)LEBRONJAMESJR81/26/2013
Battles like these are my favorite! (Archived)pokemon2poker11/26/2013
A new idea of battle (Archived)Falchion_Master61/26/2013
The best official name 9: Scolipede (Poll)
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Your favorite Dbz saga and favorite pokemon. (Archived)
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Myths and Folk Creatures Suggestion (Archived)
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Your Reaction: You must fight the Champions of each region... (Archived)SteelPunk80891/26/2013
New Type Idea (Archived)
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I think the only starters I've ever cared to keep on my team are Mudkip, Treeko, (Archived)Daemonscharm11/26/2013
Is there something keeping Grimer and Muk together? (Archived)xPhoenixWrightx101/26/2013
Am I the only one.. (Archived)xgiraffes13x81/26/2013
What if there were around 40 gyms? (Archived)LEBRONJAMESJR71/26/2013
Which would be the biggest gameplay shift? (Poll)kamikazetomato41/26/2013
Why are there no HP-affecting natures? (Archived)kamikazetomato11/26/2013
B City W Forest question (Archived)zurcn41/26/2013
I hate when you arrive at a city with a gym and you can't challenge the leader (Archived)Grand_Blue11/26/2013
Create a team (Archived)
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