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What's one pokemon that really impressed you when you first used it? (Archived)
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LightningAce11124/2 8:02PM
Fairy is now weak to Psychic and Fire, while Grass and Ice gain a resistance. (Archived)
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BalloonBattle05254/2 8:02PM
Hummingbird, Woodpecker, Quetzal evolution line (Archived)kagenoronin8734/2 7:55PM
So, wait. Are my calculations right? (EV Training with Hordes). (Archived)
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ajko000114/2 7:54PM
Staraptor or Pidgey? (Archived)Ryotsu-kun34/2 7:47PM
So I haven't played in awhile, how is the metagame holding up these days? (Archived)Vermander104/2 7:34PM
How to improve in Random Battles? (Archived)kclaujames14/2 7:32PM
Fiery Dance's animation is truly beautiful. (Archived)CakeOfLies24/2 7:30PM
Best HP type for.... (Poll)FryDays500074/2 7:20PM
Newbie Evolution Questions (Archived)
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ACA114/2 7:07PM
Just Hatched a Shiny 5IV Modest Froakie! (Archived)
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IzanagiBlast134/2 7:04PM
Selling my White version (Archived)Albtraum1364/2 6:54PM
Pokemon X, Y features etc. (Archived)Kaijulevel554/2 6:49PM
Why do people prefer Mega Charizard Y over Mega Charizard X? (Archived)
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MrPerson01694/2 6:46PM
New Game? (Archived)PlowUnder3GG24/2 6:45PM
Base stats with non-final form removed? (Archived)ACA44/2 6:44PM
Was Fairy type really supposed to balance the game? (Archived)
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ThatKipp434/2 6:43PM
Slowking is so underrated as a sp. def wall. (Archived)
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Caolan_2k9274/2 6:40PM
Who has the better typing : Rotom-W or Swampert (Archived)
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neo1mark124/2 6:40PM
Rate this Hawlucha set 1-10 (Archived)
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Reggie_Evans134/2 6:38PM