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Hordes of Lickitung make me feel uneasy. (Archived)Magikarpus33/29 3:27PM
I reading a Japanese newspaper and saw this (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger183/29 3:24PM
Weavile, adamant or jolly? (Archived)emeraldfox_0983/29 3:20PM
Which competitive team is better? (Archived)AvengerV53/29 3:13PM
YR: Gen 7 introduces this Flame Orb change. (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis143/29 3:09PM
Is there a Gen you haven't played? (Poll)
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mrballerswaggin343/29 3:07PM
Honen?! (Archived)PeterTheHedge53/29 3:04PM
Is it legitimately possible to catch a Turtwig in a safari ball? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe133/29 3:02PM
Why on earth would you use Life Orb ? (Archived)
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Blue_Inigo213/29 3:01PM
The voting poll for Smogon's swagger test is ridiculously small. (Archived)
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ZeldaTPLink273/29 2:56PM
How scary would it be if... (Archived)0AbsolutZero013/29 2:54PM
I wish Persian got an evolution that gave it like +20 to all its base stats. (Archived)
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ChapFromKrugis153/29 2:50PM
My shiny Exploud from Gen 3 is forever useless... (Archived)FryDays500023/29 2:47PM
Reset for fairy wind on sylveon? (Archived)HHH is the game73/29 2:39PM
Tropius Evolution Idea (Archived)navi85413/29 2:30PM
We need a popsicle Pokemon (Archived)mrballerswaggin73/29 2:28PM
Pokemon Choices (Poll)
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TrainerAura123/29 2:28PM
Rate my team (Archived)Zaybix23/29 2:26PM
Idea to fix the IV system: Pokemon Food! (Archived)hopelessurchin83/29 2:21PM
Who is the most Dangerous Mega? (Poll)
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TalesOfXAndY603/29 2:18PM