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Basic Guide for Super Training EV's - Original

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3 years ago#11
Great guide! loved it. Better than the older method for training.
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3 years ago#12
What items can you get once you max out the Effort Values on one Pokemon and play the training game?

Also, is the EV system still the same in this game in regards to stat points immediately being added with the use of a punching bag, training session, or vitamins (and fomerly in Gen 5, Wings) as opposed to having to level up or box the Pokemon (Gen 4)?
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3 years ago#13
DontBeHero posted...
I know itís pretty wordy, but it contains some FAQS to save people some trouble explaining again and again. EV training is actually so easy and there is nothing complicated about it, just tedious. This is also a basic guide that details on the basic and important things only from what i learnt so far :p


You unlock the Super Training Feature immediately after choosing your main Pokemon. The issue here is for those that want to get it on and start training immediately is that your forced to train defense stat as a tutorial for the game, not to mention you need to battle your rival which already may or may not ruined your Pokemon EV depending what youíre going for.

BUT fear not, alas, there is another way around this (EV points can be reseted, keep reading for further explanation), just do as the tutorial says so you can get the gist of it because that's basically the whole mini game doing the same thing over and over again with changed difficulty and opposing enemy.

After you complete the defense EV training tutorial, you then unlock the other EV stats for training. What i recommend is either you complete it all with your starter because you need to complete each mini-game stat to unlock the next level and proceed to do the same until you reach level 3. It is important to get to level 3 as this is the optimum place where u can gain most of your EV points.

EV points given from each level:
- Level 1 gives +4 EV points to trained stat.
- Level 2 gives +8 EV points to trained stat.
- Level 3 gives +12 EV points to trained stat.

This is why itís extremely beneficial to get to level 3 as its makes life so much easier and can get you fully EV trained so quickly. Although, you don't have to if you are having trouble and can train at lower levels, its personal preference really.

Also, while training your get punching bags as drops which is also extremely important to help you get the few odd points youíre missing. There all punching bags for all stats and each punching bag have its own sizes:

EV points give from each Punching Bag:
- Small (S) punching bags give +1 EV points.
- Medium (M) punching bags give +4 EV points.
- Large (L) punching bags give +12 EV points.

To farm punching bags you can get every time you do a mini-game or by tapping the black (default) punching bag. While tapping the default bag, you can get IMPORTANT drops that you need to make life easier. For those who ruined there Pokemon EV training, (you may already had to get to level 3, you can also catch wild Pokemon to complete it for you) who can get a Reset bag (White) which can reset all the Pokemon trained EV to ZERO, this means you can even EV train a fully level 100 Pokemon as many times you like. It's a random drop and common from what i have seen.

You also you can get other bags that can assist you like double the EV points in next mini game you do, and a loose bag that can reduce your EV points in next mini-game, the rest to me are just not worth mention and you can find out yourself :P.

The best way to track your EV progress is by using a Reset bag. You need to save game first, use reset bag and when it reset your EV point to zero it will tell you how much you lost then presto, then you can soft-rest your 3DS and continue training.

Important Punching Bags only need:
- Reset Bag (White) Resets all the EV points of selected Pokemon
- Double Bag (Black with X2 on it) Doubles Gained EV points in next Mini-game
- Loose Bag (Light Bluish) Reduces EV points in next mini-game (still need confirmation)

Also some extra information, there's a new EV cap for each stat which is 252 so you don't have to worry about passing it as it will just stop at 252. This means that the new total EV gained is 510.

Is it necessary to use protein carbos etc for ev training ?
3 years ago#14
^No it is not, but it will speed things up significantly.
3 years ago#15
do pokemon also give ev points? and if they do, do we know which ones give what?
3 years ago#16
Bry2615 posted...
do pokemon also give ev points? and if they do, do we know which ones give what?

Yes they do, but that info is still be figured. Most Pkmn from older gens retained their same EV payout. New Pkmn are still unknown right now. Give places like Serebii and Marriland a bit and they will update with EV payouts and the best places to EV Grind. Honestly though, you don't need to wait as Super Training's payouts are more than any Pokemon would give out unless you have things like Macho Brace and Pokerus.
3 years ago#17
Does anyone know what the Team Flare bag does?
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3 years ago#18
So the reset bag literally gets rid of ALL your EV's even if you've maxed out your Pokemon? Also why would you need to soft reset after using it?
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3 years ago#19
FusionMan_2k7 posted...
So the reset bag literally gets rid of ALL your EV's even if you've maxed out your Pokemon? Also why would you need to soft reset after using it?

If you want to see the exact number of EVs in a state. Good for players who use varying sets as opposed to the standard 252/252/4. Or if someone is keeping track and forgets.
3 years ago#20
Ok, I found out that the secret training games give the Wing items, which raise a stat by 1 Effort Value (same as the small stat bags).

Also, adding Effort Values affects stat points immediately and you will be ale to see a point difference without leveling or even battling.

The Pokemon in the training games give you a good idea of EV yields. The Haxorus family gives attack and Tentacruel family gives Spec Def.
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