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Best/most overpowered in-game team?

#1sora56789Posted 10/27/2013 3:01:54 PM
My friends and I will all be starting a new game on Pokémon X/Y. We are very competitive and will be battling each other as we progress through the game. We drew names for starters and I got Chespin and Charmander so I need to build a team around these guys. I don't mind having an overpowered team in-game, I just want to crush my friends when we battle. Any tips or suggestions for which Pokémon to use? Also, is it better to quickly collect a team of 6 since the new Exp. Share gives Exp to the whole team? In other words, does this give you more of an advantage since you get more Exp based on number of team members or should I just wait until later on in the game for the stronger Pokémon?