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how to get other forms of vivillon

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3 years ago#1
I want to get the other forms of the vivillon but all I am getting is the modern one i'm just curious how to get the other forms If anyone knows let me know so that I can get them
3 years ago#2
Change your location or trade for them.

Vivillion's pattern is based on where it evolves, so you can have a JPN Modern pattern Vivillion if you evolved it from a Spewpa.
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3 years ago#3
No, it's based on where the Scatterbug is caught. I've evolved a Scatterbug to an Elegant on my Modern location DS.

Keep any Scatterbugs you get off of Wonder Trade and evolve them, that might help get some wing patterns.

There's also some big threads revolving around Vivillon collecting on the X board.
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3 years ago#4
I really hope that I don't get to the point where all I've got left to "achieve" in this game is collecting Vivillons.

However I'm very close to that. Game beat, Dex "complete", Shinies caught, Perfect Pokes bred, online battling become repetitive and dull, all berries harvested and hybridised, all items found in abundance, boxes all full of pokes too good to throw......

....ok, I'm going to GTS spewpa trading.

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3 years ago#5
so all I need to do is evolve spewpa at different locations as far as I can tell there is only 2 location to scatterbug
3 years ago#6
Different locations is not IN GAME.

You and your 3DS need to travel the world. The real world. To be in a different location.
My FC is 1478-4155-5309 (name in game is Jeremiah)
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