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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: Omniburst99

3 years ago#1
What's your first ever shiny caught with ur own luck?
Charizard in Firered migrated to Johto to unova waiting for pokebank to come out.
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User Info: Chemuraderie

3 years ago#2
The first ever shiny I ever encountered and caught was a Pelipper (lulz) in Platinum. I've been playing Pokemon since R/B/Y.
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User Info: SkyCake

3 years ago#3
I've been playing since Red and Blue. And... I've never gotten a shiny before... I've hatched one, though! A Sneasel in Y
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User Info: Scahathunder

3 years ago#4
First one obtained that wasn't given to me was a shiny porygon I hatched in diamond. The first one I encountered that wasn't guaranteed was clamperl in Y.
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User Info: HUSSman

3 years ago#5
Stunfisk. Didn't realize I had it until organizing my box halfway through the game.....dumb luck.
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User Info: saturninebear

3 years ago#6
Zubat. Pokemon Silver.
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User Info: Amesang

3 years ago#7
I can't remember. The first Shiny I saw was a Beedrill in Silver's bug catching contest but it ran away. I did catch a Shiny Larvitar in the same game, but I can't recall if that was the first one I caught or if there was another in between them.

Much to my surprise I caught two Shinies in a row in Black 2, a Koffing and a Patrat. I didn't even have the Shiny Charm; it was pre-Castelia. Now if only I could have that kind of luck in Y.
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User Info: GreatWhiteNorth

3 years ago#8
A Drilbur I hatched last week; If that counts!
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User Info: Temileaf

3 years ago#9
Trubbish in White, named it Hefty.
Pansage in Y.

User Info: Supah1337

3 years ago#10
I masuda'd a horsea this gen, my first shiny. does that count?
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