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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: FightingPolygon

3 years ago#111
A shiny Seviper in a horde.
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User Info: Shadow_Governor

3 years ago#112
I can't remember which game it was on but the first shiny I ever found was a girafarig. I caught and didn't even realize it was shiny until looked at it later.

User Info: GauRocks

3 years ago#113
My personal random shinies, in order:

Wingull (Surfing, Ruby)
Tentacool (Surfing, Leaf Green)
Houndour (Breeding, X)
Red Floette (Friend Safari, X)
Metang (Friend Safari, X)

None of them were part of an intentional effort to get a shiny. Only the Metang was part of an intentional grind as opposed to random running around, and the intention at the time was to farm metal coats, not catch anything.
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User Info: pbmurphy

3 years ago#114
I've been playing since Yellow came out. I can't recall if the red gyarados was my first or not. I can only remember the circumstances of a few (and a couple I missed.) I caught a shiny skiddo on Y, think it was the first one I ran into! I accidentally caught a shiny fletchling, almost didn't even notice; I had just a caught a bunch of low levels to use for trading with myself and happen to see it!

But the most notable one for me, I dreamt that I caught a shiny ponyta. It had the blue mane in my dream and I did not even know that they were blue! The very next day, I happen to come across one on my platinum game and caught it, just a couple of months ago!!!
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User Info: Ekkuses

3 years ago#115
I've never even caught or bred a shiny before..... and I've been playing Pokemon since Yellow came out.
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User Info: r2dspeedy

3 years ago#116
Shiny Bad Egg which killed my X and Y (Bred it)
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User Info: GrieverzXIII

3 years ago#117
Shiny Litwick this gen, i played every other gens but the 5th one and that was my first one that isn't guaranteed (Red Gyarados).

User Info: DarthSummanus

3 years ago#118
Graveler in Sapphire Safari Zone. Was freaking out. Stupid Safari Zone.

User Info: StarReaper13

3 years ago#119
My first random one was a Ralts in Y, I've also had a shiny Dratini, shiny Bagon, and shiny Trapinch by breeding.
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User Info: Dirtytoerag

3 years ago#120
In silver I got a shiny Noctowl randomly in the wild only a few gyms into the game, I didn't even know what a shiny was but I caught it anyway I wish I still had the game because I never realized until a few years down the track what I had :(
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