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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: ftmod410

3 years ago#21
So I've been playing since R/B and I had never seen a shiny, but I recently was hatching Bagons and bang. Green Bagon. My first shiny. Then I'm in some friend safaris and I encounter a shiny Growlithe and Frogadier... After I had hatched over 500 eggs on a shiny Froakie hunt.
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User Info: SilverMarsh

3 years ago#22
Shiny Geodude in Pokemon Fire Red, the only shiny Pokemon I've caught without soft-resetting.

I soft-reset for shiny Drifloon in Pokemon Platinum, just to see if I could get it. After a few attempts, it appeared.
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User Info: SonicRunner

3 years ago#23
I've been playing since GSC (for about 12 years), and I've never gotten a shiny, until now. Got a shiny Ditto in Pokemon X's hidden garden three days ago. I was just about to start a chain using pokeradar, and this was the first one I got (so no higher chance to get one).

Funnily enough, a similar situation happened to me today. I was trying to catch Octillery for its suction cups ability in Azure bay to help with chain fishing. While trying to get one, I encountered and caught a shiny Corsola. (0 fishing chain so no increased chance on this one either)
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User Info: RHODEY37

3 years ago#24
My first shiny was a Kakuna that I caught in Pokemon Silver. Beedrill looks pretty cool, and I'm sad I can't transfer it up :(

User Info: danhampt

3 years ago#25
Fracture in friend safari and I passed up on catching a noctowl in the pokemon village about two hours after that because I wasn't paying attention and i didn't even notice it was a shiny because it looks so similar to a regular still kicking my self

User Info: thepeoplesgamer

3 years ago#26
I'm gonna go with shiny Slugma in either Ruby or Sapphire. I know I saw a shiny Magnemite in Silver but I accidentally killed it with a Critical Hit Thief. And I know I also got a shiny Spearow in either Silver or Heart Gold but if it was Silver it was probably when I went back to that game after playing newer ones, and if it was Heart Gold it post-dates the Slugma anyway.
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User Info: Iyomi

3 years ago#27
Golbat in crystal.

User Info: haydos26

3 years ago#28
Drowzee in heartgold. At the time I didn't know what shiny Pokemon were so I thought it was a glitch. My second was drill ur I hatched in y

User Info: EddMario

3 years ago#29
Red Gyarados at Lake of Rage in Gen II.
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User Info: Kriegwaffel

3 years ago#30
Nidorino in Gold version.
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