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Your first ever shiny Pokemon caught with your own luck.

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User Info: Tenchu04

3 years ago#71
Pokemon Fire Red, shiny Tauros in safari zone, couldn't believe it but I got it ha-ha!
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User Info: BoomerangRanger

3 years ago#72
I caught a shiny Dusclop back in the third gen.

Wasn't even doing anything important iirc.
Lol username: SandsOfAzorin
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User Info: CrazyCure

3 years ago#73
Birth Island Mew on Ruby. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was shiny. I did also hatch a shiny Smoochum in gold, though.

User Info: smokemang321

3 years ago#74
first & only shiny ive caught was a pikachu in safari in Y

User Info: Xynaxus64

3 years ago#75
I've never caught a shiny. Only bred one.
3ds FC: 1977-0205-6694; IGN: Dr. Z

User Info: PerfectPiplup

3 years ago#76
The first shiny I cought was a kangaskan it was dumb luck that's for sure I was trying to get fossils in I think it was glittering cave and I ran into a shiny kangaskan. =D

User Info: LawofDeath

3 years ago#77
The first shiny I've encountered ever was Nincada in Pokemon Ruby version. I've gotten Shiny Shedinja along with Ninjask on evolution. :)

User Info: drunkenBanette

3 years ago#78
I found a shiny Roselia in Emerald.

User Info: Kdm13

3 years ago#79
I've never caught a shiny, but I have encountered them. In platinum (my first game) I didn't know about shinies and thought it was a glitch, that poor zubat. Gen 5 I got a critical hit and OHKO'd it (no shiny duosion for me) and now in X where I encountered a horde of geodudes and one was shiny, but they all used magnitude and the geodude died.
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User Info: Subro7

3 years ago#80
My first was a Zigzagoon in Ruby. At the time, I didn't even know what a shiny was. I just saw the shiny animation and caught it to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. Almost KO'd it too. I just keep it and don't do anything with it, really.
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