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So... are us pokemon Y'ers the minority?

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User Info: kuruizaki

3 years ago#11
I got my boyfriend Y because it came free with the 2DS.

He got me X because I made him feel bad about him not getting me a good xmas present, and so we could obviously get all the megastones.
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User Info: CNash

3 years ago#12
Yveltal looks cooler than Xerneas. I wish X and Y had more differences than just pokémon; it feels like a step back from Gen V.
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User Info: legendrider

3 years ago#13
Actually a lot of people chose Y.

It's just the Y boards are slower because X came first
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User Info: darkshadowspawn

3 years ago#14
nurideen posted...
chose Y because my boy heracross and my (arguably) favourite pokemon tyranitar is exclusive to Y.

That's as may be, but the Tyranitarite is exclusive to X and is much harder to get than a Pupitar (especially since it can be found in certain Friend Safaris)...

my first post BTW

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User Info: Amesang

3 years ago#15
Several reasons:
• My best friend, who got me this, already had X
• If I ever get two versions of the same game, I'll generally play as the boy in one and the girl in the second; so I also went with Y 'cause of the Y Chromosome
• 'Cause Yveltal
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