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Battle Chateau Reset

#1newschoolfanPosted 3/27/2014 12:10:22 PM
just wondering if theres a way to reset my rank and face the lower level guys again from the beginning? I haven't beat the game on 6th badge
#2xanderfoxPosted 3/27/2014 1:42:15 PM
you haven't beaten the game with only 6 of the 8 needed badges.. shocking.

The lower level trainers still show up at the chateau with your rank higher, but no, beyond starting the entire game over you can not lower your rank.
#3newschoolfan(Topic Creator)Posted 3/28/2014 6:52:05 PM
calm down.

#4xanderfoxPosted 3/28/2014 10:47:18 PM
newschoolfan posted...
calm down.


I wasn't excited...