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Shiny Pokemon

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User Info: dancnbna

2 years ago#11
Teddiursa (Friend Safari.)
Durant from Masuda Method (though I was just doing a Wonder Trade stunt and didn't intend to hatch a shiny)
Floatzel (trying to find a Lombre and yellow weasel appears)
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User Info: thepeoplesgamer

2 years ago#12
I believe my first three in XY were Zubat, Geodude and Dragalge.
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Bug safari - Combee/Volbeat/Heracross

User Info: RavingSwoobat

2 years ago#13
Quiladin: Friend Safari
Klefki: Random Encounter (no shiny charm/horde)
Goomy: Breeding
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User Info: Sillydylan

2 years ago#14
Shiny gyarados caught as a magikarp by chain fishing

User Info: Ansem_the_evil

2 years ago#15
The first one I got in XY is a shiny scizor from WT and a shiny wingull from a horde while ev traing speed just a few days ago and thats after over 300+ hours played
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User Info: ultrarotom

2 years ago#16
Got 5:

Spinda in a pokeradar chain of 1 (Wanted to chain it lol)
Charmeleon in safari
Pidgey in safari
Murkrow in horde
Skiddo in a chain of pokeradar

User Info: darkshadowspawn

2 years ago#17
Picked up the following since my last post:

Noibat - Friend Safari
Spiritomb - Friend Safari
Golurk - Friend Safari

Had a chance at a shiny Dusclops (without Pressure...), but it Cursed when it was lower than half health :/ I think that Curse is worse than Self-Destruct/Explosion and Struggle death, since there are only two things I can think of that stop Curse: Taunt and Imprison.
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User Info: Stormfront12

2 years ago#18
Roggenrola (now gigalith) in reflection cave.
Zwelious in victory road.
Scatterbug from wonder trade.
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User Info: Arceusaurus

2 years ago#19
Got a shiny Minun from a horde battle. I was just about to board a plane so I was all panicky and hurrying to defeat the others and catch it.
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User Info: Way2fonky

2 years ago#20
I just encountered my first shiny ever yesterday, a Whismur. It sucks, but at least I can now say I have a shiny.
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