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The Real Reasons Why Charizard is Not a Dragon.

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2 years ago#1
Alright, so I see people constantly claim "Oh, the only reason why Charizard is not a dragon is because it would be overpowered." or "Gamefreak wanted dragons to be rare". However these statements are not true due to the fact that the dragon typing isn't what makes dragon types strong, it's their above average stats and Charizard's stats are mediocre + if Gamefreak truely wanted their game to be balanced, wouldn't they have noticed how overpowered the psychic typing was? While if Gamefreak wanted dragons to be rare, then why is there 34 out of the 43 dragon types available in gen 6? Well I did some research and found some answers.

In Japanese mythology, Japanese dragons are most commonly connected with water and storms. So having a fire-breathing dragon would be very strange from a Japanese point of view. Next, its Japanese name リザードン (Rizadon) is a combination of the Japanese word for lizard (Rizardo) and flying (Ton) written in katakana. Alternatively, it could be combination of lizard and don itself as it is a common suffix for dinosaurs (This is why Charizard Y bears a striking resemblance to a Pterosaur). There is no mention of dragon inside its name. Next, the mythology behind the Charizard's evolutionary line is the European mythological creature of fire, the salamander which were commonly called fire lizards. That's why charmander's Japanese name is ヒトカゲ (Hitokage) which can mean both fire lizard and salamander. Next, Charizard does not have some of the common European dragon features. As much as i despise Charizard X because of it throws away all the true mythology of Charizard for blatant fanservice, I'm gonna use it as a basis. Charizard X's horns make a point and is covered in spikes. Charizard does not have sharp horns (charizard horns are rounded) and isn't spiky. Charizard X's flames are also blue as different colored flames are used to show that the fire has mystical properties. While Charizard's flames on the other hand are ordinary.

WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! Feels good to get that off my chest! Now to talk about Mega Gardevoir (サーナイト) or should I say Mega SirKnight in a wedding dress...

P.S. I do not hate Charizard. I actually like him very much for his mythology, lore, and design. (Eventhough Charizard X kinda ruined it for me. But hey, it's acceptable since his design does match that of a European dragon.) He was even my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness partner.
2 years ago#2
>_< It can't show japanese symbols.
2 years ago#3
I thought everyone knew this?
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2 years ago#4
Well apparently not since all the explanations I see about this topics always claim it would be overpowered if it was a dragon or that they wanted dragons to be rare. None of them actually talk about the mythology Charizard could be based on. It's like if they want Charizard to be a dragon so much that they make up theories that revolve around Charizard being a dragon by actually avoiding any mythological connections Charizard may have or his Japanese name origin either. In fact people want him so much to be a dragon so much that on the wiki it says a possibility of his name origin is a combination of lizard and dragon which does not make any sense since on 1/3 of the word dragon is in the Japanese name of Charizard. Even the Japanese Pokemon wiki doesn't see this as an option for his name origin.
2 years ago#5
Oh, if you talking about the fact you can't show Japanese on Gamefaqs, then I'm new to Gamefaqs, so yeah.
2 years ago#6
no I meant about charizard, I mean it tells you on the same pages that give you lvlup moves, egg moves etc. It's right there you'd have to be lazy to NOT read it
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"I am hilarious and you will quote everything I say"- TFS Nappa
2 years ago#7
Then obviously they were lazy then. I read that wiki page AND did extra research to pinpoint exactly where Charizard's could of originated. See the part about Japanese dragons, European dragons, certain Charizard name origins, mythological salamanders, the arguments I used to counter common Charizard is not a dragon explanations, and flame colors were all not on Charizard's wiki page. In fact all my research took at least 6 hrs. in total. The wiki page actually doesn't tell you that much. It pretty much only tells you a few places where a Pokemon may originate from, but it doesn't really tell you about the mythological creature itself.
2 years ago#8
Bearacudda98 posted...
I thought everyone knew this?
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2 years ago#9
I didn't know that. That is pretty cool :D
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2 years ago#10
@nunogomes21 I'm glad you enjoyed it :D.
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