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Suggestion: Allows us to edit Topic Titles
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guedesbrawl131/31 3:53AM
Maybe we can get a "After posting return to topic list"?
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SIayer-341/31 3:38AM
Suggestion: Increase the number of threads one can track to 100
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DumpsterMcNuggets111/30 12:22PM
Suggestion: Non-Gaming Special interest board for Gardening.
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Greendragon854211/30 11:51AM
Suggestion: General Education board.Damien74771/30 11:38AM
More special interests boardsProphylaxis91/30 11:16AM
Hide/Remove Answers tab on profileSpace_Monky41/29 9:02PM
possibility to add a "show more" option for longer posts?
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Show all releases in game collectionsBoltThrower40K21/28 7:52PM
When will Gfaqs adopt Unicode? (Closed)RainbowPixels31/28 4:57PM
Suggestions: "Hide this topic from showing up in my AMP" button.
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DuranOfForcena401/28 1:12AM
Suggestion: Make favorites 'star' clickable on mobile GamefaqsFshBeenz41/27 12:17AM
Suggestion: Get rid of the 'Remove Favorites' button
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Petition: Tokusatsu board
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Unknown Nomad141/25 10:19PM
Karma should require posting in a topic/ making a new one (old system vs new) (Closed)RogerTritonHOPE41/25 4:03PM
Suggestion: Bring back the "Next-Gen Wars" board. (Closed)
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Game series navigation and databasej_ugnick11/24 11:37AM
Faqs update (Closed)zedekar8061/24 12:21AM
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Inbox titleszedekar8021/21 8:01PM