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StickyRemember, suggestions or petitions to revert to the old way will not be accepted (Sticky)gmo7897 (M)15/12 8:10PM
StickySite Suggestions FAQ v1.1 (Required Reading Before Posting) (Sticky)RaptorLC (M)26/12/2014
StickyNo Excessive Bumping of Petitions (Sticky)SBAllen (A)12/29/2012
Get Rid of the McLobster AdEnclave26/29 4:05PM
Game Scores (Closed)LightBlueGreen36/25 1:45PM
Sorting by publisherLightBlueGreen26/25 12:28PM
Filtering by regionLightBlueGreen26/25 12:25PM
Improving Advanced Search (Closed)LightBlueGreen36/25 11:17AM
Top Ten lists are very mediocre, disorganized, and dated. (Closed)reincarna_tube36/25 10:34AM
API ImplementationLightBlueGreen26/25 9:55AM
Wtf is it with stalkers, harassers and spammers and mods doing nothing? (Closed)dupadupa26/25 6:17AM
Please get rid of the mobile pop ups that open App Store on iOS. (Closed)DeathWyvern26/24 6:22AM
Harmful changes to the Contributor Central (Closed)SethBlizzard26/23 7:11PM
Suggestion: Show name of most recent poster in a topic in Topic ListNicholas Harvey56/23 7:09PM
Suggestion: Post preview from hover on Active Messages/My Posts pageG-Ziss46/21 12:34PM
Suggestion:Ability to know the amount of people tracking a topic (Closed)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Wizel116/21 12:21PM
Bring back the notification on the bottom of the page that tells you when....... (Closed)MarioGamer1234596/21 4:26AM
Suggestion: Post number of deleted post links to post info (Closed)OrangeCrush98036/18 2:14PM
Increase the amount of available option slots for polls. (Closed)MarioGamer1234536/18 2:13PM
Trading board for Elder Scrolls Online (Closed)PoloGuyMS26/18 10:03AM
Suggestion: Increase the number of messages display in My Post/Active Messages
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Gegend176/16 11:26PM
Could we get a search feature for posts in addition to topics?DarkContractor46/14 7:47PM
Suggestion: Move sticky/quote/report buttons to user info bar. (Closed)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Frogles146/12 10:40AM
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