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StickySite Suggestions FAQ v1.1 (Required Reading Before Posting) (Sticky)RaptorLC (M)26/12 4:52PM
StickyNo Excessive Bumping of Petitions (Sticky)SBAllen (A)12/29/2012
Can you please make a separate PlayStation Vita TV board?181stCommander13/28 2:38AM
Petition: let users track more than 50 topics again.
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-Unowninator-243/27 4:22PM
Suggestion: Merge Answers section with Message Boards
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Unown_201153/27 1:08PM
Suggestion: Make review score descriptions available to readers.dolphinmage73/27 10:04AM
Can the f-bomb be used now? (Closed)Ultimate_Nova_X23/26 10:24PM
Ignored-user-check for ban or close.
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WastelandCowboy203/26 10:13PM
Maybe we can get a "After posting return to topic list"?
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SIayer-413/26 5:30PM
Suggestion: Make it so users can track replies to individual posts.-Ghetsis-23/26 12:46PM
Suggestion: Have a 'Post and Track Topic button down by "Post Message'Espyon63/26 11:54AM
Suggestion: Biased Polls should be specific grounds for moderation. (Closed)-Ghetsis-23/26 11:50AM
Suggestion: The ability to hide threadsnotanoob7473/26 10:53AM
Suggestion: Add mobile app stores as distribution methodskoalabear930123/26 8:25AM
Suggestion- Finally, a non-intrusive solution to alt-account abusers. (Closed)AmandaDaniel23/25 8:18PM
Suggestion: Have Closed Topics and 500 Post Topics Automatically Become Archived (Closed)Satan91593/24 4:04PM
Suggestion: Let users know how much time is needed until their next post. (Closed)
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DocileOrangeCup203/24 4:03PM
Suggestion: Make polls limited to user accounts rather than IP addresses. (Closed)TehRYNOL63/24 10:08AM
Suggestion: fix "spoilers tags" for PS4 browserklyrner43/22 9:14PM
Suggestions: Play By Posts board(s).Knight_AngelBoy83/22 1:53AM
Suggestion: Allows us to edit Topic Titles
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guedesbrawl533/21 2:02PM
Discussion: Consistent word bans regarding the profanity filter
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Asherlee10253/20 3:07PM