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StickySite Suggestions FAQ v1.1 (Required Reading Before Posting) (Sticky)RaptorLC (M)26/12 4:52PM
StickyNo Excessive Bumping of Petitions (Sticky)SBAllen (A)12/29/2012
Maybe we can get a "After posting return to topic list"?
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SIayer-464/28 8:56AM
Mii Plaza board (Closed)WarLegalomon44/27 1:44PM
Suggestion: stop allowing intrusive advertising like the BLOPS 3 ad today 270415 (Closed)Seanie120024/27 9:53AM
Suggestion: Allows us to edit Topic Titles
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guedesbrawl634/26 10:16PM
Suggestion: Hasbro BoardNGage104/26 6:48PM
Suggestion: Adding a simple release by date category generatorKaliesto74/25 12:15PM
inappropriate ads, not interest based (Closed)Nebenezer24/25 8:26AM
Why is there still a restriction on how long a link can be?
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Trips__Monkey144/24 12:11PM
Petition to make an individual board for gamer gate (Closed)Azalea9X34/23 6:09AM
Suggestion: add the ability to upvote a comment (Closed)Knickyankeefan24/21 1:08PM
Stop logging me out! (Closed)
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Viper187666194/21 6:25AM
Replace all auto flagging with auto censoring (Closed)Satan91564/18 9:52AM
Petition: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate gets Matchmaking board split (Closed)OcarinaofToast34/17 8:03PM
Cross-platform games shouldn't be seperated by system. (Closed)GanonsSpirit44/17 7:00AM
Heroes of the Storm board could use a stickied topic addressing beta keys. (Closed)DiggleLord24/16 7:43PM
Should the Apple Watch have it's own platform entry? (Closed)NintendoFusion24/16 7:36PM
Petition: let users track more than 50 topics again. (Closed)
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-Unowninator-274/15 12:10AM
suggestion: remove the censor bypass on the Muslim sect (Closed)
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Perry_Tanko214/14 4:19AM
Suggestion: Add an option to permanently keep a username the way it always was. (Closed)The UnLucky Cat34/14 4:10AM
Comic forum split suggestion... (Closed)Sigs_Minock54/14 1:28AM