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StickySite Suggestions FAQ v1.1 (Required Reading Before Posting) (Sticky)RaptorLC (M)26/12 4:52PM
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Site Redesign - Better options for highlight colors?Unown_20175/26 11:29PM
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Suggestion: Notification when a new topic is made on Game Boards
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Sour275/26 8:11AM
Suggeston: We should be able to search topics by user (Closed)
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Krow_Incarnate335/25 10:41PM
Suggestion: Bring back tentative release date + game in the upcoming game lists.cool_boy_mew15/25 9:31PM
Suggestion May 14, 2015
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paulo_yamato115/25 10:22AM
Suggestion:Merge the Contributor Boards and Promote their Visibility on the SiteKiyomasa55/25 10:20AM
Replacing Japanese-Style and Western Style RPG sub-genresShyhHann25/25 10:19AM
Suggestion: Gamefaqs should have emoticons (Closed)
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Wizel155/25 1:50AM
Suggestion: Allows us to edit Topic Titles
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guedesbrawl775/21 4:34PM
I'm sick of market-research based 'Polls of the Day' all thanks to Gamespot (Closed)meado55105/20 10:24AM
Rank replies. (Closed)DPOnerival25/20 2:49AM
Suggestion: Auto-remove banned/closed accounts from ignore list
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chews125/19 5:24PM
DS and PSP should both be switched with Android on the top bar menu. (Closed)NintendoFusion55/19 4:42PM
Suggestion: Ability to make the post box smaller or larger (Closed)SIayer-25/18 1:48AM
Suggestion: A way to limit troll topics in the "most popular" list? (Closed)Scirel45/17 5:12AM
Suggestion: Increase the number of messages display in My Post/Active MessagesGegend65/16 6:58PM
Suggestion: Display the amount of views a topic has
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P0I-ZEN125/13 3:38PM
Suggestion: Playstation TV/PS TV BoardDJ_Tomato25/12 8:05AM
Make review comments mark as read when read like faq comments are.Arkia25/12 7:50AM