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StickySite Suggestions FAQ v1.1 (Required Reading Before Posting) (Sticky)RaptorLC (M)26/12/2014
StickyNo Excessive Bumping of Petitions (Sticky)SBAllen (A)12/29/2012
Suggestion: have spoilers show up on white for dark theme usersdj-izzle77/7 9:53PM
Suggestion: My game list sort by nameArchy_Skyline27/7 7:33PM
Suggestion: Add a blue dot next to boards with new topics on boards listUnown_20197/7 4:20PM
Leave threads open and unlocked for 2 years
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
SubSane117/7 7:18AM
Suggestion: have Admins close accounts after (Closed)Knickyankeefan27/6 10:55AM
Suggestion: New accounts cannot create topics on general console boards (Closed)scoobydoobydont57/5 8:42PM
Suggestion: Make it possible to favorite FAQs so you can go back to them easily.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
GameLord113167/5 5:15PM
Creation of a page and board for the Nintendo "NX" (Closed)Transdude37/5 8:16AM
Suggestion: Increase the number of messages display in My Post/Active Messages
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Gegend197/5 6:41AM
suggestion: game series pagesIAmCaptPlanet37/5 6:40AM
Make topic complaining about complainers against TOS (Closed)stalemate_66617/2 4:23PM
Suggestion: Contribution/Contributor 'Status' MessageLaokia27/2 3:23PM
Suggestion: Add pre-purchased option for My Games for games that offer it.Voxwik37/2 3:17PM
Create "None Of The Above" check box for most polls (Closed)Tickledpuppy26/30 6:31PM
Get Rid of the McLobster Ad (Closed)Enclave36/29 4:27PM
Game Scores (Closed)LightBlueGreen36/25 1:45PM
Sorting by publisherLightBlueGreen26/25 12:28PM
Filtering by regionLightBlueGreen26/25 12:25PM
Improving Advanced Search (Closed)LightBlueGreen36/25 11:17AM
Top Ten lists are very mediocre, disorganized, and dated. (Closed)reincarna_tube36/25 10:34AM
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