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User Info: Whiteout_2

2 years ago#31
1. Morton
2. Ludwig
3. Iggy
4. Roy
5. Wendy
6. Lemmy
7. Larry
You this read wrong.

User Info: BabyLuigiOnFire

2 years ago#32
I'm a girl who loves Baby Luigi and accepted him as my personal lord and savior.
Your local Wario sadist.

User Info: AkaneJones

2 years ago#33
Lemmy > Ludwig > Roy > Wendy > Iggy > Morton > Larry
Although I must say Iggy has been made more interesting since they brought them back.

User Info: chazmataz123

2 years ago#34
FelixTrapper posted...
Wendy > Ludwig > Morton > Roy > (Lemmy = Larry = Iggy)

This is literally my order completely backwards.

User Info: Pickley-

2 years ago#35
Lemmy > Wendy > Ludwig > Iggy > Roy > Morton > Larry
Powdered Toast Man http://missiongeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/powdered.jpg
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