Which Mario Kart game have you played the most?

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  3. Which Mario Kart game have you played the most?
1 year ago#1
????? - Results (135 votes)
Super Mario Kart
5.19% (7 votes)
Mario Kart 64
15.56% (21 votes)
Mario Kart Super Circuit
0.74% (1 votes)
Mario Kart Double Dash
14.81% (20 votes)
Mario Kart DS
8.15% (11 votes)
Mario Kart Wii
46.67% (63 votes)
Mario Kart 7
8.89% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Mario Kart 7 for me
1 year ago#2
Mario Kart 64. I've been playing it on and off for more than a decade, which I don't really do for the other games as much.
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1 year ago#3
Still gotta be 64. I've definitely played a lot of Wii over the years, but 64 always ends up popping up again eventually.

I'm 23, so that's just the "classic" Mario Kart to me and my friends.
1 year ago#4
Probably Mario Kart Wii because of online alone.
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1 year ago#5
1 year ago#6
wii because online.
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1 year ago#7
Mariokart Wii for online.
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1 year ago#8
Wii, followed closely by Double Dash.
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1 year ago#9
Wii online. And it's not even close.
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1 year ago#10
I think Double Dash is my mosted played game ever, no exaggeration. Fantastic game.
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  3. Which Mario Kart game have you played the most?

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