Your reaction: MK9 includes all 7 koopalings and also 7 baby koopalings.

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SpunkySix posted...
battleborn27 posted...
This is ridiculous + Nintendo just lost all their credibility left, Diddy King getting the shift yet AGAIN, over these characters?
-Heavy Metal Mario
-All the koopas, sans Koopa Troopa
-Gold Princess
-Baby Mario
-Baby Luigi
-Baby Princess
-Baby Daisy
-Baby Rosaline

i think DIddy should've been playable in every MK game since his debut, NIntendo are really loosing out on a lot of money and saving the company by leaving DIddy out again

Could you try harder maybe?

WHy do you hate Diddy so much? You must be one of those alpha males that only use female charaters
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