Worst track from each Mario Kart

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User Info: Wiiboy4ever

2 years ago#1
SMK: all of them
MK64: Rainbow Road
MKSC: Yoshi Desert
MKDD: Sherbet Land
MKDS: Luigi's Mansion
MKW: Moonview Highway
MK7: Maka Wuhu
MK8: haven't played it but I'm going to guess it'll be N64 Yoshi Valley.
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User Info: BabyLuigiOnFire

2 years ago#3
SMK: Ghost Valley 3
MK64: Yoshi Valley
MKSC: any of the Bowser Castles
MKDD: Yoshi Circuit
MKDS: Yoshi Falls
MKW: Grumble Volcano
MK7: Maka Wuhu
MK8: Bone-Dry Dunes
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User Info: HiImOhYeahDaisy

2 years ago#4
SMK: all of them
MK64: Toads Turnpike
MKSC: all of them except for the volcano droppings one which should've been brought back btw
MKDD: waluigi stadium
MKDS: waluigi pinball
MKW: waluigi stadium
MK7: rosalines ice world
MK8: 3DS DK Jungle

User Info: Grand_Angel

2 years ago#5
SMK: Koopa Beach 2
64: Yoshi Valley
SC: Shy Guy Beach
DD: Dry Dry Desert
DS: Yoshi Falls
Wii: Toad's Factory
7: Maka Wuhu
8. Bone-Dry Dunes
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User Info: GloryChaos

2 years ago#6
SMK: Never played it.
MK64: Banshee Boardwalk
MKSC: Luigi's Circuit
MKDD: Baby Park
MKDS: Baby Park was even worse than before, but if retro tracks aren't allowed, then Yoshi Falls.
MKWii: Haven't played it enough
MK7: Haven't played it enough
MK8: SNES Donut plains (Sweet Sweet Canyon if no retro tracks).
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User Info: Zeke2222

2 years ago#7
SMK: Mario Circuit 1
MK64: Sherbet Land and Moo Moo Farm
MKSC: Shy Guy Beach
MKDD: Baby Park
MKDS: Desert Hills and DK Pass
MKW: Moo Moo Meadows
MK7: Mario Circuit and Daisy Hills
MK8: Mario Circuit

User Info: Rupin_Salesman

2 years ago#8
SMK: All of them
64: Frappe Snowland (it was realllly boring)
Super Circuit: Peach Circuit
Double Dash!!: Dry Dry Desert
DS: Shroom Ridge or Figure-8 Circuit
Wii: Wario's Gold Mine
7: Wuhu Loop or Maka Wuhu (great idea, poorly executed)
8: Hard to choose. I love them all. Uh... Sunshine Airport from how many damn times I had to race in it. It isn't even that hard.
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User Info: DaroDarkex

2 years ago#9
SNES: Vanilla Lake 2
N64: Sherbet Land
GBA: Peach Circuit
GCN: Sherbet Land
DS: Peach Gardens
3DS: Maka Wuhu
U: Bone Dry Dunes

User Info: Sirius

2 years ago#10
SMK: all of them?????

Are you kids ****in' serious? Holy crap. It shows when people have never really played the game they're bashing.
You'll laugh, you'll cry and you will never want to go to sleep again. --jollzoffire about Dragon Quest VII
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