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Best weapon custom parts for GS

#1Whatever6260Posted 7/10/2013 10:39:17 AM
Can someone tell me plz what parts should I put on my guns and which guns should I bring for GS just need help for this plz helppppp
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#2HozHunPosted 7/11/2013 7:52:40 AM
Iím not a professional player, but try to answer it. One of the best part is the Cornucopia witch give you ammo in every 30 second. If you do not have one then Ammo Magnet is mandatory. Other best things are Auto Loader and Gluttony, but many players don't have them. So use Damage, Critical Hit, Bottomless Pouch (I recommend Pulse grenade so pouch 8 or 4), Infighter can come handy and Charge Shot. Also critical to have Fangs. If you do not have Fangs alternatively can use Fertilizer. I do not recommend Full Burst unless you have Gluttony, or just in a weapon with low clip size. Use rather Burst 2 or 3.
As for weapon. I prefer handgun and rifle. As a third weapon goes Magnum or shotgun. I do not like MG since it ate up too much ammo (and with Gluttony those ammo needed in my inventory).
But as I said, I'm not a pro. So other may have different ideas. Nevertheless this is my experience.
#3nardswordPosted 7/11/2013 9:07:15 AM
Fangs on one weapon is almost a must.

If you are the lower level of the two, have the aura of strength on your main weapon
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#4IsegrimPosted 7/11/2013 2:36:48 PM
Not an expert either. It's still quite a chore just to reach the deck where norman and the really important parts and weapons await.

Since you're just starting, your whole game should be to reach the deck in the shortest and easiest way possible while preserving lots of ammo and health. Plus always keeping in mind, there are no ammo or herb pickups anywhere aside from pufferfish which is quite rare and can't be relied on for supplies.

Two very useful parts are Gluttony and Cornucopia unfortunately, they can only be found in the Ghost Ship. It's quite a dilemma. You need those parts for GS but the only way to get them is to clear GS itself. (If you participated in the last Rare Parts event, you could have bought Cornucopia 1 at least. I just did several GS runs with higher level players these past few days and I have the worst luck getting any cornucopia or gluttony parts at all. I'm very glad I bought them while they lasted.)

Use parts like Fertilizer to re-supply herbs or Fangs to heal yourself so you can preserve most of your herbs at the deck battles. Brass Knuckles or using characters that inflict high physical damage can be useful especially through the first few battles of low level enemies. You can probably knife through a lot of enemies up to the casino if you're going through that route. Plus it'll be useful for Norman if you run out of ammo when you finally reach him. Tip: In the start of the Promenade, you can knife the level 50 skagdead completely by standing behind the dividing rails in the stairway, Use it to keep the skagdead from a safe distance and hack away. Be wary if he starts his one-kill animation.

Use Ammo Magnet on all your weapons to regain as much ammo as you can from killing enemies. You cannot get ammo at all without these (if you don't have Gluttony and Cornucopia) unlike the regular stages. (Excepting pufferfish)

I used to carry a machine gun just to clear most of the lot that can't be knifed easily all the way to the deck just because of the sheer amount of ammo a MG holds and most of them are low-leveled enough anyway to be killed by one or a few shots. Your other two weapons should be reserved for the final deck battles. Between the knifing and the machine gun, hopefully you can preserve a lot of ammo for the other two at the end.

I usually pass through the promenade to get to the deck but first, find two keys. The first is gained at a swimming portion somewhere after the 1st part. Fight some enemies, swim back and return to the casino. Then pick up the second key either through the Solarium or the elevator leading to the Observation Deck. In the case of the latter, use the elevator trick. When the elevator opens, leave but stay beside it. When the door closes, press the button to re-open it. Immediately, one or both players have to dash forward until the monsters spawn. Run back as fast as you can before the elevator closes. If at least one person makes it in, you'll be safe from most attacks inside and shoot almost everything that tries to come through the door.

With two keys, use one to open the promenade. Knife all or most of the wolves and knife through the skagdead with the trick mentioned earlier. Get another key and find the shortest route, right through the monsters while they're spawning in the next areas and unlocking two locked doors in between up to the elevator leading to the deck.

Once you get your first gluttony part, (hopefully, not the machine gun one since that's where most of your ammo will be coming from) things become easier.

I think I said too much.
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#5HozHunPosted 7/12/2013 1:45:08 AM
Isegrim posted...
Two very useful parts are Gluttony and Cornucopia unfortunately, they can only be found in the Ghost Ship.

Only Cornucopia 5 is on Ghost Ship (quite useless one). You won't find any other of them there. Cornucopia 1 and 2 are Abyss 10-12 Trinity bonus, Cornucopia 3 and 4 are Abyss 18-19 Trinity bonus. But yes, all the Gluttonys are on the Ghost Ship (Gluttony 5 is Ghost Ship Trinity bonus :/).
#6TanKwonPosted 7/12/2013 3:33:45 AM
I've gotten cornucopia 1-2, autoloader 4, reloader 10, damage 6, and Glutton 5 x2 on ghost ship as random drops. no I don't mean keep playing and you'll eventually get it. You probably never will. you probably will keep getting bottomless pouches over and over. have fun.
#7DoomsSDPosted 7/12/2013 5:42:41 AM
There are two types of Ghost Ship you need to prepare for- "Crap Items Ghost Ship" then "Endgame items unlocked Ghost Ship"

You will probably spend a lot of time in Crap Items Ghost Ship as the best items can only be unlocked by completing GS and the RNGs controlling the drops for those items are the malformed offspring of Malice and Insanity.
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#8windklingePosted 7/12/2013 1:46:56 PM
TanKwon posted...
I've gotten cornucopia 1-2, autoloader 4, reloader 10, damage 6, and Glutton 5 x2 on ghost ship as random drops. no I don't mean keep playing and you'll eventually get it. You probably never will. you probably will keep getting bottomless pouches over and over. have fun.

you havent gotten gluttony 5 as random drop.
you got cornupia 5 as random drops more likely. gluttony 5 can not be gotten randomly. people keep mistaking these 2 parts so often its annoying.

also cornupia 1 and 2 cannot be found on the gs either. they are trinity only aswell.

stop spreading false informations.

to the topic creator :

best setup to be "gs rdy"

be lvl 45 so you have max ammo cases grenade cases and herbs from the store.
have cornupia 3 and 4 from getting trinity bonus on abyss 18 via taking turns. very easy with a partner once you both get the hang of it. having medal of courage also helps here.

have a handgun with fangs 1 or 2. 2 is better its a random drop on abyss 18-20 from illegal parts.
this helps keeping you alive without wasting to much herbs.

dont use grenades until you reach either the sidedeck/promenade/bridge depending on route. save atleast half your grenades for foredeck fight. they make things easier.

if you cannot get cornupias definitly get ammo magnet on all guns with highest % chance.

use this gun setup as a gs beginner :


once you get your hands on a gluttony autoloader combi for either shotgun/handgun/rifle youre farming the gs with ease.
#9devildogsPosted 7/16/2013 12:53:37 PM
This is the best thread ever!
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