Did they not touch the polygons in this game with the graphical overhaul?

#1Cheko2015Posted 3/23/2014 9:13:29 PM(edited)
I love what they did with the graphics. It looks great. The HD revamped textures and the upgraded lighting system looks amazing. But one thing it appears they didn't do is upgrade the polygon models more specifically for the environment. Just got to windfall and it looks great but you can definitely tell this is a GCN game with a fresh coat of paint. So many areas where there are stones, bricks, and rocks in the area that have no polygon basis in that they dont jut out. They look like they are painted on a flat wall as they are just textures. Its kind of reminiscent of the N64 days where you would have "stairs" that were actually just ramps polygon wise with a stair texture put on.

I don't remember it being so noticeable in the GCN version but I feel like the HD textures actually bring this out and make it even more noticeable. I wasn't expecting them to redo every single polygon model and environment in the game but I did think they were going to do some touch ups like how they did with OOT 3D compared to the N64 version. But that so far seems to be exactly the same.

Oh well game still looks great and I love it so far, just that one minor thing irks me.
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#2GunsandredrosesPosted 4/5/2014 11:58:39 PM
Back in the GC days, it wasn't so noticeable. Around the time this game came out, FFX came out as well, and I seriously thought that the reason the blitzball was angular was because of the poly count. Turns out it's supposed to be lumpy.

However some parts of this seem to be integrated in the game's stylization. Most of the art appears angular instead of curved, and even the official toys are angular.
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#3Megamushroom666Posted 4/11/2014 8:30:34 AM
I think the grounds layouts are flattish to help keep the game running smoothly. If each rock, crevice and stone were individually modeled, maybe performance would stutter just while walking around. We see severe framerate drops when too many bombs are on screen, so the graphics engine needs to compromise here and there.
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