I hope this is more along the lines of Saga than Blade...ewww yuck!

#61JaewongPosted 12/23/2013 8:28:17 PM
Xenoblade was NOT "Takahashi selling out", Xenoblade was developed as an experiment, that's why it was a Shounen, that's why Kunihiko Tanaka didn't design the characters, that's why the game had so many composers, that's why the story wasn't as deep as 'Gears or 'Saga, that's why Takahashi originally wanted to name the game 'Monado: Beginning of the World.

THE EXPERIMENT WORKED. X is going to consist of everything that was good in Xenoblade, but this time around, it will be more refined, more advanced and grounded. Takahashi has not "sold out", if anything, he's gotten better at making games, and his intuition has grown considerably.

Oh, and I agree - Xenosaga's way of telling stories IS a dead end; Takahashi couldn't be more correct. By saying that, it just goes to show that he isn't senile and can still be a forward thinker. Alot of games now give less control to the player because they play like typical hollywood movies, Xenosaga was the first game to do the whole 'movie-esque' thing way before it started saturating the industry. Takahashi is rebelling against this, he wants to give the player more control.

X will be the best game ever made.
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Personally I would rather the story be more along the lines of Xenogears but better told along the lines of Xenoblade. I also would prefer a good balance of gameplay and story that Xenoblade manage accomplish. Thankfully X will be exactly that.
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