If you had the chance to meet Takahashi, what would you say to him?

#1skypunchPosted 12/22/2013 12:08:54 AM
Well? If it was me, I'd personally ask him what he thinks of Squenix. Also, I'd ask him for more info on X and then tell him how cool he is and then proceed to hug him. Ofcourse, I'd get his autograph first!

Oh, and I'd also ask him about which TV drama's and films he's currently watching and what books he's been reading and what game he last played.

What about you guys?
#2Breastmilkn_DipPosted 12/22/2013 5:08:53 AM
skypunch posted...

#3MagiusNecrosPosted 12/22/2013 7:08:46 AM
I'd ask him if he likes Chicken and Root Beer. Because I like Chicken and Root Beer.
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Thank you
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skypunch posted...
If you had the chance to meet Takahashi, what would you say to him?

Can I interest you in an appleseed, monsieur?
#7Jeff ZeroPosted 12/27/2013 8:37:50 PM
I've had the chance to speak with Yasumi Matsuno via facebook several times in messaging after he consistently liked pictures of my cats and we discussed Game of Thrones. That was fun.

I've also chatted with Soraya Saga a bit, but just via twitter, nothing as cool.

If I got to meet -- really meet -- Takahashi, I imagine I would have a lot to say to the man. I had a place to stay during difficult times because of a mutual love for Xenogears between another person from GameFAQs and myself. An old friend.

In many ways, Takahashi by proxy feels like an old friend. When life has me down, I'll always have the things I recall fondly to cheer me up. And one of those things is Xenogears.
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